What to say to a girl you like after matching with her!

What to say to a girl you like after matching with her

So you have gotten all the way here. You have signed up for your first online dating site, created your stellar profile and gotten your first match with someone you’re interested in. But oh wait, what should you do now!  Hmmmm what to say to a girl you like that you have never spoken to before online.

This is honestly where the majority of guys get stumped. Talking to a girl for the first time especially behind the screen can be very difficult. You do not know that much about her yet and do not yet have any common interests to talk about. So where should you start?

By the end of this article you’ll know exactly what to say to a girl you like. The goal of this is to make you an expert at opening up the conversation, getting to know someone and making a connection.

As everybody knows, the first impression is extremely important when meeting or talking to a girl for the first time. Actually, this applies to men and women or anybody in your life. First impressions matter no matter how good or bad you are at them, there is always room to improve.

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Getting the first impression right is also very important if you do not want to end up in the friend zone. Not only does the conversation need to go smoothly, you also need to show her that you’re interested at the same time. Let’s dive right in and find out what to say to the girl you like!

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What to say to a girl you like during the first conversation

While creating a dating profile online, a lot of scenarios are already playing out in your head on what to say when you meet the girl of your dreams. Whereas the moment it happens, you develop cold feet on the right thing to say to make her want you, well, this article is the dealbreaker for you.

Although I mentioned above that you need to show her that you’re interested, you need to do this very subtly. You can’t be overly aggressive with showing your intentions or you will just scare her away. You need to loosen up a bit.

Lots of men can get overly flirtatious in the first encounter with a girl that they like. This can be a very big turnoff to the majority of women. Honestly if a girl reacts positively to strong flirtation, it probably means that she’s fairly easy and is used to being around a lot of guys.

You need to act friendly with her as if you have known her for your whole entire life. Be open with her and she will be open with you. The first thing you need to do is learn a little bit more about her. She needs to feel very comfortable around you if you expect to go out with her one day.

Here, you need to have good social communication skills that leave a mark on the person you are talking to.

Find out more about her

Asking open ended questions is the best way to get to know somebody in the first conversation. Ask her basic questions about what she does for work, what she does for fun and if she studies or not.

No matter how she responds make sure you sound very interested and are attentive. This will help open her up and feel comfortable. Reply to her answer with enthusiasm. “Ah super cool! tell me more about it, that sounds really interesting.” This is an example of how you should respond. She won’t continue talking if you don’t seem interested in what she has to say.

Create a connection and keep it lighthearted

If she mentions something to you that you have knowledge about, talk about the similar interests that you can share. Even if you can’t relate to some of the things that she’s talking about, still respond with enthusiasm.

For example if she likes to go horseback riding, you can reply that you “have always wished to go horseback riding because it looks like so much fun!”  You can let her know that you’re jealous that she has had a horseback ride and that you are scared that if you wait you would fall off the horse right away. Make her feel proud of her abilities and interests and laugh at the same time. This is the goal.

Let her know more about you

Letting the girl that you like know more about you is just as important as knowing a lot about her. If you want her to be interested in you, she needs to know more about your likes, dislikes and personality.

Obviously talking about her is more important than talking about yourself. Talking about yourself always come second. This is very important to remember. If she says something about herself that relates to hobbies, interests or an interesting story of your own, lead into that after she is finished talking.

Let her know that you appreciate talking to her

Do not get this confused with praising her or thanking her for letting you talk with her. These are two very different things where the latter is sad and makes you feel desperate. Simply say something like: I didn’t think I was going to find somebody that was cool to talk to until I met you.

This is great because it does not come across like you’re hitting on her but at the same time she feels the compliment.

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These small compliments will help you stay away from the friend zone. It shows that you’re interested without overtly being aggressive. She will understand that you have an interest in dating her and not just talking to her. Complementing women without coming across as overly flirtatious is a fine line and an extremely valuable skill to have. The most important thing when it comes to complimenting women is to make it friendly and funny and never serious.

You just met the girl, give her space

Remember that you are a new acquaintance to this girl that you liked. You have not had a chance to build a strong connection with her yet. Most girls will test the waters with any new guy that they meet. This means that they will talk to you for a little bit and then completely stop talking to you for a small period of time.

Never get frustrated because they have not responded to your most recent message. This will completely kill the fire of the conversation and you can rest assure that she probably will not talk to you again because she is seen your serious/frustrated side.

If she still does not reply to you after a couple of days, you can give her a quick “hey, how’s it going” message. Honestly she was probably just busy and talking to a person she had recently just met was not on the top of her priority list. Building a connection takes time, so be patient.

What to say to a girl you like: 2 Reminders

  1. Keep it lighthearted: Make sure to always be the cheerful guy. You never want to come across as the serious guy because nobody has fun with the overly serious person. You don’t want to be the “too cool for school serious guy in the corner”. Although this may attract 5% of women, 95% of women prefer a funny guy that can make them laugh.
  2. Show interest but never overdo it:  As I mentioned above there is a fine line between showing that you are interested (light flirting) and being overly aggressive and a turnoff. Never let her know your full intention of dating her. You need to keep her guessing.

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Conclusion on what to say to a girl you like

Well that is about it guys. My quick guide on what to say to a girl you like after matching with her for the first time. You need to memorize all of these tips. Remember that practice makes perfect and you probably will not master it on your first try. Remember to stay upbeat and positive throughout the whole conversation with a girl that you like.

You have gotten past the stage of attracting her with your astounding bio and a very perfect pictures to get her to this stage. You have done well!

It is time to talk her into wanting to meet you. This stage is crucial, you should plan the visit to the point of when she is leaving, because this is when she will decide if she is to continue seeing you or not. This is when you will know what can stop you from seeing each other and when to carry on with mutual life goals that can keep both of you together.

If she is not replying in a positive manner it might just be that she is having a bad day and she does not want to talk to anybody. In these cases, you need to let her have her space and try again on a different day. Everybody has good days and bad days so just remember this when trying to talk to the girl that you like.

Do not let your past experience on a failed relationship discourage you from online dating.

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If you feel that there were any tips that I left out of this guide on what to say to a girl you like, leave me a comment down below and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. What tips and tricks have you guys used that you found successful?

Remember to brush up your profile by using these guides to construct an online dating profile to get the woman of your dreams. Thousands have used them and their stories have not remained the same again.

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