Asian Tinder – 4 Best Alternatives to Tinder to Find Asians

Love has no limits – today, and online dating has now made this statement even more valid.

Through dating sites like Tinder, you can now reach anyone anywhere in the world with ease.

Today, we are going to find out:

What Tinder for Asia is (does it even exist)?
How to find Asian people on Tinder
Alternatives to Tinder for Asia
… and so much more!

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Let’s go Asian!

Asian Tinder - 4 Best Alternatives to Tinder to Find Asians 3

Is Tinder the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Tinder.

Asian Tinder_4 Best Alternatives to Tinder to Find Asians

I want to reassure you immediately, so to clear out all the doubts.

No, there’s no such thing as Tinder for Asia or the Asian version of Tinder.

How come?

It’s quite simple, this dating platform is an international one, its virtual doors are open to any person from any corner in the world.

So, yes, people from Asia as well, Africa, Australia, Europe, America, regardless of race, religion, the color of their skin, etc. can become its members.

It's a match

Everyone looking for a partner is welcome to use this page, because hey- it is available in more than 190 countries globe wide!

Although Tinder is so popular around the world and spans a wide range (hookups and serious relationships alike), yet people seeking serious relationships mostly find themselves visiting sites like eHarmony and those looking for quick flings specifically visit sites like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison.

The whole world united in one dating app- what else could one wish for!

But, if your question is how to find Asians on Tinder or whether chances to succeed are high if you are interested in this part of the world, I have something for you as well.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

How to Find Asians using Tinder?

You already know that Tinder suggests matches based on the location on your profile.

What comes as quite a logical question is- how to find Asian people on Tinder, not only those living in China, Japan, but all over the globe?

There are several preference settings that allow you to filter people by distance, location, as well as gender identity, and age.

As soon as you adjust the “location” part to some country from this part of the world- voila, suggestions from Asia will keep coming and coming.

How to find Asians using Tinder?
Allow Location

That’s one of the ways to specify your search a bit.

On the other hand, Asians live everywhere around the world, so it could be a lucky coincidence that you live in a country that has a solid number of people from Asia (like Chinatown and similar).

Location 2

Moreover, Tinder can always surprise us a lot with the recommendations and suggestions, so you never know when some casual swiping can bring you a charming Asian chick and the opportunity to right-swipe her.

Things to Know when Meeting Asian People on Tinder

People always talk about gaps- they may be generational, cultural, whatsoever- but you cannot pretend they don’t exist.

They do, and we cannot ignore them but what we can do is learn how to overcome them and avoid unpleasant situations.

Dating an Asian girl/guy sounds attractive and exotic, particularly if you come from different surroundings.

But there are some things to have in mind when trying to impress someone who has different customs, culture, and habits.

Here’s what to do to maximize your chances to succeed:

1. Be polite

I don’t mean your conversation should all be cupcakes and rainbows, what I mean is you should follow some basic guidelines you always apply when you meet with new people.

Don’t use rude words, don’t be impolite and unnecessarily explicit from the beginning of your conversation.

But, don’t be cold and robot-like as well.

Just use the tone you would like other people to use while chatting with you, that’s all.

2. Avoid sensitive topics

Having in mind that you come from different cultures, you must be aware that not all the customs and habits are the same.

Something that is considered humorous in your country, could be extremely offensive to people from other parts of the world.

Religion and politics are just some of the topics which should be avoided when chatting with people on Tinder and any other dating app.

3. Don’t have prejudices

You have probably heard tons of stereotypes about Asian people, but in a majority of cases, they are just silly prejudices.

Try to eliminate all of those, because if you make an inappropriate joke, you risk losing a match.

Whatever you have heard about Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and any other girls, leave that behind and let her enchant you.

4. Be open but not too pushy

Communicational culture differs from country to country, continent to continent.

So, you cannot approach an Asian chick with “Hey, wanna get laid tonight?”

I mean, you shouldn’t approach any girl like that in any case, because there are so many better icebreakers you could where you could show how witty, humorous and funny you are.

Try to find the balance, and you boost your chances to attract her attention.

The Advantages of Using Tinder to Meet Asians

I don’t have to sweeten things up when it comes to why I think Tinder is an excellent choice for all people, because stats and facts speak for itself.

Regardless of where you live, what type of relationship you are looking to find with Asian people on Tinder, here’s why it gives you an excellent head start compared to competitors:

  1. Impressively large base of users- 57million globe-wide
  2. Almost 6 million of the total number have upgraded status (Plus or Gold)
  3. Multilingual interface (40 languages)
  4. Can be accessed in more than 190 countries
  5. Since the app was launched, it made more than 20 billion matches
  6. Registration is hassle-free (it can be done via Fb as well)
  7. Easy to navigate
  8. Wide assortment of features available
  9. Designed for modern-day users…

I could keep listing all the perks, but I don’t have to, because these numbers are already jaw-dropping.

Provided that you have done your part of the job- created a bombastic profile, there’s NO WAY to fail, I tell ya!

Top 5 Recommended Alternatives to Tinder for Asia

In case you are truly curious to find out what is it like dating someone from Asia, you’d probably like to hear some websites which are Tinder equivalent.

Yes, Tinder unquestionably has everything a person interested in online dating could wish for, but some people like to see something more, just for the sake of curiosity.

Don’t worry, I’ve got several additional ideas for you in terms of top Asian dating apps:

1. AsiaFriendfinder


Being one of the largest sites specialized in matching people from this part of the world.

The great thing about this site is that it has an excellent base of singles from various parts of Asia.

Chicks from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, but also those living in the United States, Europe (UK), and Canada.

However, the majority of members are Chinese.

This one is a good choice for those looking for either casual or committed relationships.

Registration is quick and simple, and guess what- free!

The basic package of services comes at no cost, but for premium services available under Silver or Gold, a paid subscription is needed.

2. TrulyAsian


Yes, this site offers just what its name implies- truly Asian partners, with a 7-day trial to see how its services suit you.

But the best part of all is that it has sister sites, which can be an even better choice in case you are looking for a chick from a specific part of Asia. (TrulyThai, TrulyFilipina, and more)

There are several different apps for various devices, but the only downside is that profiles are not so informative and detailed.

3. AsianCupid Dating


A base that gathers more than 2 million members and over 10 years of experience as the main characteristics of this platform already sounds promising, don’t they?

But, if you’ve got a feeling that it sounds somewhat familiar, your gut is right-it is the part of popular Cupid network.

The site is crowded with success stories, which confirm that the team behind this dating page is doing an excellent job in helping individuals from all over the world meet their Asian love.

4. FindLoveAsia

Asian Tinder - 4 Best Alternatives to Tinder to Find Asians 4

Join, search, and video chat for free sounds like an excellent combo, and that’s precisely what this dating website offers.

Registration is non-complicated, and there are three separate categories if you are looking for Asia (in general), Filipina or Thai date.

What this page has is Timeline, where you get to follow who recently joined, which member boosted his/her profile with more pics, which members became friends and who’s interested in convo.

5. AsiaMe


If you are looking for a cutie who lives in Vietnam, Thailand, or China, this one could be a great choice for you.

What differs this one from numerous competitors is a vast range of communicational options.

There are Video Show, Call Service, and Live Chat, but also EMF Email, Admirer Email, and CamShare, all available on both Android and iOS.

However, they cannot be utilized for free, but good thing is that profiles undergo strict checks, so you can be sure there’s no catfishing- all the featured profiles are genuine Asian cuties.

More Websites for You to Seek Asian Partners

My list doesn’t end here, fellas, I have more dating apps for Asians for you which are excellent alternatives for Asian Tinder dates.

The first list displayed mostly platforms specialized in that region while here you have two more great dating sites.

Why did I include them? -comes to your mind.

Just like Tinder, these two are also among the top-ranked on a global level and have excellent bases of active members, and they are simple to use.

Moreover, it’s always nice to know there are alternatives, and they serve to help people find ideal partners, so use them the best you can.

Here they are, so suit yourself:


More than 20 million users, 8 million of them are premium, over 20 years of experience speak for itself.

With 26 photos you can add, well-equipped profile, plenty of special features, and their optimistic promise that one can find a perfect match in six months-it sounds like worth the shot.

On top of that, the profile can be shared with sister sites of this platform which boosts the chances additionally.

2. eHarmony


What this platform uses is a compatibility algorithm, which, connects people based on specific preferences for the type of relationship (casual, marriage, intimacy), religion, and many other parameters.

The registration process may be a bit time-consuming compared to procedure for other platforms, but a multitude of success stories, so many members, prove that it’s worth spending those extra minutes to create a profile.

It basically has one flaw- it’s a bit pricier than the average.

Bonus suggestion – EastMeetEast

EastMeetEast Dating Site

I think the name of this site already speaks for itself, as it is designed to help people from the Asian community find their soulmates.

Its main focus is Asian American and Asian diaspora community, and besides a unique community, it offers tailored services, like customized matched sent directly to inbox.

So, the highlighting point of this page is the cultural bond that is already an excellent thing in common for two potential matches.

(Do note that it’s free for ladies, but men are required to pay the membership!)

Final Word

As you can see, people use Tinder in Asia and to find Asian people from other parts of the world, and there are so many amazing stories that prove the enormous success of this platform.

Now that you have all the rules by your side, what you need is a well-arranged profile and you can start conquering ladies’ hearts.

The great thing about online dating is that it gives you endless freedom to explore what are chicks like from all parts of the world.

Also, the selection is so diverse, and it’s highly likely that you will find more than one which caters to your needs.

Be it Tinder or any other dating site as your final choice, I hope you’ll find your Asian love!

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