What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it

College is the best time to explore different options, go to parties and meet new people.

Now college students can find more friends on campus with this new app – Tinder U.

Today, we’ll discuss:

Who can join Tinder U
How to join Tinder U
… and a whole lot more!

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Without further delay, let’s begin!

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 10

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What is Tinder U

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps available today – it is not just a hookup app (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or solely for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

Now, let’s get down to the topic of today – Tinder U.

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 11

Before we get into detail about what is Tinder University or Tinder College, let’s talk about its member’s structure and who can try out this innovative dating app.

As said, only college students have access to this app.

However, not every student can use Tinder in college

To become a member or set up a Tinder account, you should have a .edu e-mail address.

Owning this email address isn’t enough and the app should geolocate you on campus.

If these criteria are met, great, you can start exploring profiles of other students!

Unfortunately, people studying online or attending a community college won’t be able to join the app.

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All students are attending 4-year universities that are non-profitable and offer traditional education.


Because only students can create an account, most members are between 18 and 22 years old, and a small percentage of members are older than 22.

Be aware that you will only see profiles from your university and even though there still might be plenty of teens and young adults around, you won’t be able to explore those profiles with this app.

If you want to meet people from that area, but outside your university, switch to a standard Tinder app or cancel Tinder U.

The women to men ratio is similar, and the chances of matching for both male and female users are the same.

Both genders are mostly looking for either a fling or someone to chat with, and a minority is searching for a serious relationship.

How to sign up for Tinder U

Now that you know what to expect, let’s talk about how to get Tinder U.

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 12

Creating an account for this app is quite simple – all you need is a proper email address and geolocation.

Keep in mind that to become a member, you should already have a Tinder account.

This isn’t an entirely new app, just a feature that certain members can access.

If you don’t have a Tinder account, follow these steps to create one:

  1. Download Tinder app. It is available for Android and iOS users, and you can download it for free.
  2. Use an email address, Facebook profile, or phone number to sign-up.
  3. Provide a few basic information: name, age, gender, and location
  4. Upload a few photos and write a short bio. You can also answer a few Tinder questions.
  5. Link other social media accounts such as Instagram or Spotify profile.
  6. Add a credit card if you want to purchase one of the memberships. There are two different memberships and the price is determined by duration. With these memberships, more features are unlocked.

Now that your Tinder account is set up, complete the next five steps to join Tinder U:

1. Create a profile while you are on campus

To set up an account, the app needs to recognize your location as a university campus.

Location on Tinder is automatically updated, just open the app.

Obviously, many students live in rented apartments and not on campus.

If you do not live in a dorm, make sure to complete all of the steps while you are on campus, before or after one of your classes.

For students living in dorms, you can create an account whenever.

2. Wait for an invitation

Each student receives an invitation to join the app, and it isn’t possible to create an account without one.

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 13

When you get an invitation, click on the “Let’s do it” button.

3. Use .edu email address

After accepting an invite, you can finally create a profile.

Be careful about which email address you are using.

Standard email addresses won’t be accepted, only the .edu email addresses.

4. Verification step

An email will be sent to your school account.

Just click on the “Verify” button to confirm your identity.

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 14

After the verification process is complete, your Tinder U profile will be complete.

5. Restart the app

Turn off the app and enter it again.

Now you can swipe and explore the profiles of other students.

How does Tinder U work

Tinder U works just like a standard Tinder app.

The only difference is the small badge members have.

With this badge, you can distinguish Tinder U users from the rest.

When you become a member, you can turn the feature off and on.

While it is on, only people from your University or campus nearby will be displayed.

Once you turn it off, you will see other profiles from your area.

This isn’t just a dating app.

Of course, many flings and relationships started online, but you can use it to find a new friend or a study buddy.

With Tinder U, your social life on campus will become richer and you can expect more parties, gatherings, and an overall better college experience.

To explore the profiles, go to the Explore page.

There are numerous search filters you can alter so set the preferred age group, gender, and location.

When somebody caught your eye, swipe right. If the person responds with a like, a match is created.

Only when two people are matched, they are allowed to communicate.

If you liked a profile, but the person didn’t return the like, you won’t be able to exchange messages.

Because it is a part of the original Tinder app, the number of swipes per day is limited, so be careful about how you are spending those 200 swipes.

If you have purchased one of the memberships, all of the special features will be available for the Tinder U account as well.

Tinder U features

Besides standard features, there are a few new ones you can try out.

Swipe Surge will notify when a large number of users are online.

There is no way to tell when you will receive this notification, but once it appears, enter the app.

The chances of matching with someone are significantly higher during the Swipe Surge.

Another amazing feature is the Festival mode.

Whenever an event is happening near you, you will get a notification.

Thanks to Festival mode, you can be a part of all social gatherings and it will be easier than ever to find the next hook-up.

How to get more matches on Tinder U

Tinder has an algorithm that won’t always work in your favor.

When a new account is created, it is automatically boosted which means that it has high visibility.

During the first week, you can expect a large number of matches, likes, and plenty of dates.

However, after some time, the visibility will drop and so will the match rate.

You won’t be going on as many dates and you might even run out of people to match with.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

To keep the high visibility, all you need is a good photo and a well-written bio.

These will attract other Tinder users and its algorithm will recognize you as desirable.

Thus, the profile visibility won’t drop over time.

Here are a few tricks to help you gain more matches on Tinder U:

1. Good photo

Before you create an account, make sure you have good photos to upload.

Remember, on Tinder, it is all about looks.

Just one glance at a photo is enough for people to decide whether to swipe right or swipe left.

It might be best to ask one of your friends to take a few shots.

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 15
What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 16

Selfies are okay, but won’t get you many likes.

Show your best side to attract more users.

Also, avoid uploading group photos – users don’t want to play a guessing game.

If you aren’t sure which photo will get you the most likes, switch them from time to time.

2. Short, but well-written bio

Many users make the mistake of leaving the bio blank.

No matter how good-looking you are, you should still write something interesting in your bio.

What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 17
What is Tinder U? + The Complete guide to using it 18

Just a few sentences can significantly improve the match rate.

Write about your preferences, interest and keep it light and funny.

Also, do not write anything that isn’t true – nobody wants to be lied to.

3. Be down to Earth

You are going to Harvard?

Driving an expensive car?

Live in a huge house?

Great for you, but don’t rub it in someone’s face.

This is a huge turn off and if you constantly show off or talk about the things you own, people will think you have nothing else to offer.

It is more attractive when a person is talking about their interests and accomplishments.

4. Good openers

Starting a conversation with a simple “Hi” isn’t so creative and the message will probably be ignored.

Original messages get more responses, so think of a good opener and show that you are funny and confident.

You can always refer to a user’s profile picture or something from their bio.

5. Use stickers and GIFs

Younger generations have a different way of communicating.

Whenever you are not sure what to write or how to start a conversation, send a GIF or a sticker.

There are millions of them available, and they are suitable for all situations.

Pros of joining Tinder U

1. It is safer to use

Because Tinder is a big app, there are many creepy, older users.

With this feature, you will only see people from your age group and feel much safer.

2. Connecting with classmates

With Tinder U, it will be much easier to connect with your classmates and find a new study buddy.

Classes in college are large, and now you will have a chance to meet most of the people from your classes.

Also, you will have the opportunity to meet people from the university you don’t see every day.

This means even more parties!

3. People share similar interest

Because you are matching with people from your college, you already know that you share similar values and interests.

Starting a conversation will be much easier and you will have plenty of things to talk about.

Also, the first dates will be more pleasant – both sides will be more relaxed and there won’t be any awkward silence.  

Universities with most Tinder U users

You have followed all of the mentioned steps, but your match rate is still quite low.

It seems like just after a few weeks, there aren’t any new people around you and you are constantly seeing the same profiles.

You might have a low match rate because not many students from your area are using Tinder U.

Tinder U is more popular in some universities and less in others.

Larger and more popular universities have more Tinder U users.

Because this is a great way to meet new people, students from these universities use the app to expand their social circle.

Also, some universities have more female and more male users.

If you are going to Georgetown University, you can expect plenty of matches, flings, and dates.

The students of Georgetown University are crazy about Tinder U and it has the most swipes.

Brigham Young and the University of Notre Dame are in the top three.

Tinder U is also popular at the University of Virginia, Mississippi, and Yale.

If you are going to the University of Miami or Colorado State University, it might be best to switch to a regular Tinder account.

Not many students there are interested in Tinder U, and you will probably waste time trying to find the next hookup or date.

Other students might not be familiar with Tinder U, so switch to a standard Tinder app to find them there.

Final Word on What is Tinder U

Young people are massively joining Tinder U and with this feature, it will be easier to match with them.

You can easily find a new study buddy, someone to hang out with, or even a next fling.

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