How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS]

How to Be Successful on Tinder The 4 BIGGEST TIPS

Hello and welcome to our article on how to be successful on Tinder!

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

How to make your Tinder profile top-notch
The merits of having great conversations on Tinder
How to make the Tinder algorithm work for you

At the end of this article, you should know how to play the Tinder game.

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Let’s get down with it!

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How To Be Successful on Tinder in Video Form

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS]

Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

Imagine this:

You have found yourself newly single and in want of a new girl.

You are not ready to start chatting up ladies in the pubs, and as you build your self-confidence back up, you decide to go on Tinder and try online dating.

Now, it would be a wonder if you do not already have an idle Tinder profile waiting for you to use it since it seems everybody is on Tinder.

It is the most popular online dating app used by over 57 million people around the world, and with unique features and it embraces everyone – literally.

Tinder has become the go-to site for people seeking all forms of relationships, though some sites prefer to focus on a specific niche – like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison which focuses solely on casual dates, or other sites (like eHarmony) that are well known for helping people get into serious relationships.

The next thing that happens is – you get a lot of Tinder matches in the first few days and then – the horror- a sudden and relatively permanent decline in the match number and the overall quality of the girls you match with.

What you do next is talk to every single guy who you know uses Tinder, and you deduce that most of them have the same problem as you, and they all have different strategies.

These include swiping right on any girl in hope of getting a match, dedicating their entire day to improving their dating profile, resetting, and whatnot.

You try all the different strategies, but they work only halfway, or not at all.

Now, you still hear about those guys who have Tinder success, and you think they must be models, or hot sportsmen or something out of this world to get as many dates as they say they get, or that they are lying…

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
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But they’re not lying, they’re not models, and may not even be good-looking, they just have the right information – on how to how to succeed on Tinder.

They did not listen to and take advice from other guys on Tinder, no, my friend.

What they have done is get advice from Tinder dating experts.

Hopefully, this is why you are here- to get expert advice on how to be successful on Tinder.

What is it that you will get from this text?

You will get real-life tested advice on how to set up your profile for maximum effect (both your bio and your photos), you will get some advice on what (not) to do to have successful Tinder conversations that will eventually end up in a real-life encounter.

You will have some pointers on how Tinder works and what are the common mistakes guys make while using the app.

So, for you to change your online dating experience from the one described at the beginning of the text and become one of those guys you currently envy, you know, the ones who ‘must be models or something, these are the things you should consider.

It’s not hard, trust us!

It just takes a bit of attention and not much of your time to learn how to be successful on Tinder as a guy.

Now let’s check out some of the best Tinder profile tips for guys.

1. Pay attention to your profile photo

Now, there are many theories on what your profile picture should look like, but here is the rule we swear by; a clear, high-quality, en-face (or close to) photo of you, and only you.

Forget about party photos (yes, they show you are a fun person with a great personality, but out of the 3 guys on the pic will she know which one is you?)

Having more people in the pic is confusing, for the most part.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 42
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 43
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 44

Also, she might swipe right on you thinking you are “the other guy” (or girl, hey, we’re not judging!).

Or if you pose with girlfriends, are you a player or just a nice guy in touch with his feminine side?

Posing with other girls will get you nowhere!

Even if she is your sister!

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 45
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 46

Posing with pets can bring out your sensitive side (if this is the card you want to play on), but you should know that gazillion other guys use pet pictures with basically the same idea.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 47

And the girls have seen through this trick, soo… It does not work as well as you might think!

Bathroom selfies, showing skin, showing no face, and obvious photoshop is on the list of the things you should not do.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 48
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 49
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 50
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 51
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 52
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 53
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 54

Other things that you should avoid at all costs are no photo at all, blurry, low-quality photos, and idiotic photos of any kind.

They won’t get you even the sleaziest of girls, and I’m sure that was never your plan, to begin with.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 55
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 56
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 57
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 58
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 59

We honestly have no idea what our buddy James wants to accomplish with this stunt…

Also, look at this profile:

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 60
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 61
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 62

Can you imagine that ANYONE would fall for this?

Gay much?

Well, your tinder success rate surely depends on a lot of factors, but definitely not these pics (especially if you’re looking to attract a female).

Now that we’ve possibly crushed your ideas on which photo you should choose, and you’re like ‘what da f should I put on my profile?’

Let me refer you back to the beginning of this section and explain what a great profile photo looks like:

A clear, high-quality photo is pretty self-explanatory.

If you do not have one like that, ask a friend to take your photo for you if you seriously want to meet women on Tinder or any of the other apps like Tinder.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 63
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 64
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 65
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 66

It should not be a problem since phones now have quite decent cameras.

En-face – yes, a photo should be en-face and potentially smiling.

Girls like to see your face, or more specifically, your eyes.

If you are looking away or hiding your face, she may not give you a chance.

Take it from yourself, would you necessarily swipe right on a girl showing only a part of her face, or you would think that she might have a hideous scar that she’s hiding, or just plain ugly?

Yap, she wouldn’t either.

Mind you, this does not mean that you should put your ID photo on it.

Technically, it is of good quality, and it shows your face and your eyes, however, it is not fun at all.

Remember the friend who is supposed to take your photo with their phone?

Are they creative or artsy at all?

If yes, that’s your guy (or girl).

Take a few snaps – play with it.

Have fun!

You know, flirt with the camera, you model, you!

When it comes to the other photos on your profile, Tinder now allows 9.

Should you use up all of them?

Not necessarily.

Understandably, you want to showcase your best traits, so you have used up this first photo to introduce yourself, now what you want to do is present yourself as interesting as possible.

Here you can be a bit more relaxed with what photos you choose.

A full body photo is great, especially if you are hot, is how to set up your tinder for success.

Then a few photos of you doing your favorite things.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 67

Let’s say you are a tennis player.

We’d advise you to include one photo of you playing, but do not use up space with photos of you playing tennis in 4 different positions.

One is quite enough to let the girls know what you are into.

So, 4 or 5 carefully selected photos can do much more than just throwing in all you’ve got.

Also, bear in mind that, if in at least one of these photos you don’t look as good as the first one, the girls will think that you just have a good photographer and that you’re not as good-looking as you appear.

As long as you are consistent, you are golden.

A good, successful Tinder profile is characterized by a great presentation, so it is only logical that you pick out the best photos of yourself.

A good photo will entice girls to swipe right on you and sometimes even send you the first message.

You can later use your humor, intellect, or whatever your strengths are to draw her deeper in and get that first date.

If the photo is not good, she will not even give you a chance for an opening message.

This is like buying a new pair of shoes, if the window looks good, then you’re more likely to go in and spend money than if the shoes were just thrown about carelessly.

In that case, you wouldn’t even get the chance to sell those latest Nikes.

Spend some time and effort on your photo, you will thank me later.

2. Your bio should be top-notch

After you have carefully selected your photos, it has come the time to pay some attention to your biography.

And, yes, there is absolutely a right and a wrong way to write it.

You surely wouldn’t BELIEVE how many guys have their bio game just wrong, resulting in no success on tinder.

Your bio is the very next thing a potential date will see after she has been drawn in by your photos, so obviously, you have to give it some thought.

It is truly a horror to find something to say about yourself that will be effective, attractive, and fun yet informative.

Fortunately, we are here to make your life easier anyway and give you expert advice on success with Tinder.

When it comes to the bio, start from yourself, take a look at your current bio.

If you were a girl, would you like it?

Hell, you do not have to pretend to be a girl to figure this out.

If you saw it in the profile of another guy, would you think “damn, this guy’s got moves”?

If the answer is yes, cool.

But if it is not – read on.

There are many ideas on what a successful Tinder bio should look like.

Some coaches say that you should only include a personal quote, an anecdote, or a joke – something that will essentially separate from the crowd of generic information on what you do for a living, your hobbies, and other personal information.

We will write more about that in a minute, but let’s just say no matter how much they disagree on the content of the bio, they all, without exception, claim that a boring as hell bock of text as a bio raises your chances to be swiped left.

Yes, left.

Dude, nobody wants to read an essay while they are looking for a hookup or a date.

It takes quite a lot of time to credit, rather than just skim through it and decide whether you are interested or not.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 68
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 69
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 70

So, something like this is a no:

I am a literature student and I enjoy reading crime novels.

I have a dog, and he is a part of the family.

In my free time, I like to jog and play video games – I will not play you.

Message me if you are up for a game.

I’ll even make great chicken curry, I’m like Gordon Ramsey’s little brother.

We strongly believe reading a block of text like this is tiring, and no matter how interesting the information is, the girl will most likely swipe left and may well not even be able to enjoy the final punchline.

To make things better, just divide this text and pick out 4-5 crucial pieces of information and list them.

It seems like you haven’t tried, yet it is simple, easy, and elegant.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 71

And it will be easy to skim through – any potential match will have no problem seeing the word that might tempt her to swipe right.

Another thing you should pay attention to is not to brag.

Tooting your own horn is never a good sign!

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 72
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 73

And even worse, “humblebrag”.

It is simply seen-through as nobody is that good.

It is absolutely ok to pick out a charming flaw you have, to emphasize it (do not be needy and pathetic).

A joke is another good way to go.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 74
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 75
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 76
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 77
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 78

If you’re new to this and do not know which one is good, there are quite a few ideas you can borrow, but the most successful are those that you made yourself and made to work for you.

Now, an obvious thing.

Obvious, yet not redundant, as we’ve seen more of these mistakes than I care to admit.

Spelling mistakes are a no-no.

It takes literally 2 seconds to proofread the bio that you have no excuse for committing this mistake.

The other thing is disrespectful, tasteless, vulgar, or demeaning language in any way.

Seriously dude, how old are you, twelve?

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 79
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 80

You can be playful or even teasing, as long as you keep it tasteful.

Here we’ve provided a bonus hack for success on the Tinder dating scene for all of you who do not have an idea what to write or need some help with the bio.

Ask somebody you trust what your best traits are, and try to include them in your bio.

It might help you decide what information to provide, and it would not seem like bragging that much if it came from somebody else.

3. Own the conversation

Here is where our advice can help you, but they can do only as much since we do not know what she will answer and how you manage the conversation.

But, anyway, there are a few pointers that can help make successful Tinder conversations.

First of all, engage in conversation.

If you get a match, do not wait and send her a text in two days, but do it right away.

If she is online, she is more likely to answer you right away.

Also, when you get the conversation going, keep it rolling.

A few initial texts are not enough for successful Tinder conversations.

So, just like you think that the girl is not into you if she does not answer for hours, she will also think that about you if she cracked a joke and it took you hours to respond.

Now, if you are really busy, it is ok to answer later, just do not make the mistake of opening the message and forgetting about it until later.

When it comes to the actual things that you should and should not do here they are:

The opening line– ‘Hi how are you?’ is just so,  generic and boring, and chances are that she has about a dozen of the same messages in her inbox as we speak, so why on Earth would she answer you and not the others?

You have to come up with something notable, catchy, something that will engage her or even surprise her.

Your conversation starter or pick-up line should be engaging enough to increase the response rate of any potential dates.

To do so, you can look at her bio, and ask about something she has written on it.

You can comment on her photo (but refrain from things like ‘you look hot‘ type of Tinder openers as, again, she has heard it before).

If you do not want to rely on her bio, come up with a joke, or something that is universal and can work in any case, so that you will not waste time thinking about what to say (I mean, the “What should I say?” horror is something we have all experienced at some point).

If you are visiting a new town, ask about a place to eat for example.

Or start up a conversation by giving her a choice or a mini test.

Let’s see if we are compatible: Star Wars or Star Trek?

The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez?

Yes, but something surprising, like the choice of two hot girls, she will be interested in why you have chosen specifically those people, and since they are female, she will not be able to judge you against them.

Of course, there is a fun debate on the merits of both hot celebrities, or if she says Star Wars, you can neither agree nor disagree with her by adding a third option.

Make her giggle at your originality.

Why does this work?

The human brain likes to pass tests, so if you put yourself as a prize, she will want to get you, and if you do it so seamlessly, it will have a good impact.

After some time, ask for her phone number or ask her out on a date, if you wait for too long, there is a trap you can fall into – being friend-zoned.

Other traps that you can fall into are – being too nice, which may be perceived as complete bull* or creepy, being too needy or pushy – reproaching if she does not answer right away, for example, will probably result in her not answering you at all.

The key to a successful Tinder conversation is balance.

It is like dance-two steps right and two steps left.

If she is engaging, you can engage, too, but if she doesn’t, pull back a little.

Another thing you should never do is ask too many yes/no questions.

They close the option for keeping the conversation going.

Ask questions starting with What, Where, and so on, so you can give her the option of being funny or informative.

You can even say something about her as you know her, instead of asking.

This will make her wonder why you came to this conclusion, and she is more likely to continue, either explain herself or say something like that about you and then the ball is in your court again.

4. Make the algorithm work for you

How successful is Tinder, actually?” is the question we get more than any other.

This wondering comes as no surprise considering real-life testimonies that are somewhat opposing.

Some guys claim that they have been getting more dates than ever, while others are complaining that not only they do not have as many dates as expected but that the girls they match with are not attractive at all.

Both of these are true and can be true for you, but to get you in this group of successful users there are just a few things, tricks, and tips for Tinder that you can implement and have the time of your life.

What differs those guys who know how to succeed at Tinder from you is the fact that they know how the Tinder algorithm works and how they can use the intricacies to their advantage.

3 things need to be mastered: the ELO score, swiping, and resetting.

1. ELO

The ELO score is a secret score assigned to each profile based on the perceived attractiveness or desirability.

Though there’s a new Tinder algorithm now, these tips will show you how to get the most out of Tinder.

And it is not a matter of how attractive and desirable you are in real life, but how you make your profile appear to the algorithm and the girls.

The bio and especially the adequate choice of the profile photo are essential parts of your ELO score (which you can never know for sure, but you can assess it by analyzing the quality of the girls’ profile you match with- the hotter the girls the higher your score and vice versa).

The ELO score is affected by the number of matches, the quality of your matches, how active you are, your swiping activity among other stuff that you cannot know for sure unless you are Tinder’s employee working on the algorithm development.

The advice we share on this has come through months and months of careful research by expert Tinder coaches and based on the in-app behavior of those uses who are successful at using the app by their and other people’s standards.

This is the essence: If your Tinder ELO score is high you will have more Tinder success – you will be matched to more girls, the girls you match with will be hotter, you will get more dates, and be more satisfied with your online dating experience on Tinder.

ELO works like this:

You get an ELO score assigned to your profile when you sign up and it is an average one. Your in-app behavior determines if it goes up or down after that. (There is a noob boost you get in the first week of using Tinder that makes your profile more attractive, which explains a great matching score in the beginning, but after that, and what you do in that first week will affect your ‘true’ ELO).

To make it go up, try this:

Pay close attention to your photo – we’ve already talked about this so, you know what to do.

Be active- This means that you need to use the app at least 3-4 times a week.

When you do that, the algorithm knows that you are invested, and it will reward you with a good score.

After careful research, the conclusion is this: use the app as often as you can: swipe and engage in conversation (I have talked about this as well), update your bio (add new Spotify tracks when you find yourself liking a new tune, for example).

Using the app a few times a day might seem time-consuming, but it isn’t (though you can dedicate hours to it if you so desire).

If you are waiting for a cup of coffee or your turn at the doctor’s office, go in, swipe on 3-4 girls, answer a message or two, and that’s it!

Because Tinder ELO takes to account the swipe-to-match ratio and not the sheer number of your matches you need to swipe sparingly (I’ll get to it in a minute).

So maybe paying for Tinder Gold can ensure your success since you already get to see the girls who liked you and you can get a 10 out of 10 S/W ratios.

If you already have a great profile, and with our expert advice for Tinder’s success you are more than halfway there.

2. Swiping

Yes, there is a correct way to swipe if you want to be successful on Tinder.

Laymen decide to swipe right on any girl they see, and this works for a while, but after a week or two, this strategy will cause your ELO score to plummet to the ground.

This happens because you can’t possibly match with a hundred girls that you get to swipe on in a day, so your swipe to match ratio drops, and along with it, your ELO.

How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 81
How to Be Successful on Tinder [The 4 BIGGEST TIPS] 82

Tinder algorithm then decides that you are not so picky about the girls you are ready to date, so it stops showing your profile to the hottest girls, and you end up being matched with uggos and nobody wants to match you.

The right way to swipe is: Swipe right on the girls who would catch your attention in real life as well.

Why swipe right if you are not interested in chatting with her?

This behavior is deemed unfavorable by the algorithm since Tinder has those girls’ satisfaction in mind as well.

3. Resetting

A strategy has emerged that claimed that if you reset your profile, it will once again give you the noob host and help you get girls and be a successful Tinder user.

This is maybe useful for a minute since if you reset your account often, and use the same number to connect, Tinder recognizes that as a bot behavior and shadowbans you.

This means that Tinder will appear the same to you, but you will not get any matches whatsoever since your profile will be hidden from other users.

To use this resetting technique to have Tinder success, you can try it once or twice a year, when you have exhausted your pool of datable women.

So, we wouldn’t go as far as to forbid resetting it, but, man, do it as a very last resort to get success on Tinder.

4. The new algorithm

The ELO is only somewhat useful these days since Tinder uses a new algorithm.

It still pays a lot of attention to the quality of your profile and your photos, but it now pays much more attention to your activity- and I have explained that being active on Tinder does not take up much time anyway, and your location.

Previous location settings on Tinder were 10 to 20km, now, it will show you girls who are closest to you, in about a 3 km radius, which will improve your chances at success.

The girl who is 2 km away from you will now see you before a hot, hot stud who is 8 km away who would have previously taken the match from you.

To get success with Tinder, now you only have to adjust location settings every time you move: if you go downtown to a new bar adjust settings, visit a friend in a different city area, adjust settings, go to the gym-well, you already know.

In this way, you will get to swipe on more girls and more girls will see you- and Tinder success is knocking at your door (or pinging in your phone, whatever you decide).


The methodology we employed for this article on how to be successful on Tinder was to carefully identify and study some of the best tactics that have resulted in successful Tinder dates or hookups and draw a conclusion.

Our evaluation was based on expert opinions from online dating coaches, our experience with tested and proven methods of setting up Tinder profiles, as well as comments and reactions from Tinder users on forums like

Final Word on How to be Successful on Tinder

Here they are, expert advice on how to do well on Tinder!

They might sound strict, and it may seem like it requires a lot of work to be successful on Tinder, but if you remember that this is all for you to get more matches, and better matches, or even a perfect one, you should take our word for that, and try it.

It will payout.

The most important thing in all this is for you to have fun, play with the ideas we gave you, and see what works best for yourself.

Hopefully, you will get more Tinder success with our expert advice!

Let’s now take a look at some FAQs…

Frequently Asked Questions

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