Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars

Whom would you rather date – a teenager, a girl in her twenties to mid-thirties, or a mature woman?

Today we’re here to talk about dating mature women and how to hook up with a Tinder Cougar. 

 We’ll discuss:

Finding a Cougar on Tinder – easy or difficult?
How to lure Cougars on Tinder
Communication – same as flirting with teens?

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Good cougar dating alternatives are Cougar Life & Ashley Madison.

Read on to find out!

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 9

Is Tinder the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Tinder.

Tinder Cougar FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars

Tinder Cougar Guide in Video Form

Tinder Cougars🐆 [FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars]

Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

What is a Cougar?

Cougars are typically defined as mature (see how I’m not saying older!!!) straight women open to seriously date or hook up with guys quite younger than themselves.

She can be a milf too, but not necessarily.

Let me break this for you.

First off, a cougar is any woman aged 35 and over who is willing to enjoy either serious (less common) or casual intercourse with a man younger than herself.

Though sites that cater to those seeking one-night-stands (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) exist, and others (like eHarmony) which cater to those seeking serious relationships, Cougars will always love Tinder for its diversity and range.

Typically, 10 years is defined as the “ideal” age difference between the partners, but as long as the man is younger, this is it.

It may seem to you that these women are desperate for a bit of attention since they don’t get it from their peers.

Oh, my sweet summer child!

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

These women are all about the thrill and fun that comes with dating younger men. 

Take it from a frequent Cougars target, these women are not desperate so that they settle for any man younger than themselves.

No, they pick their prey carefully.

Being younger is a prerogative, but you still must be mature enough to be worthy of her attention.

Once you hook up with cougars, you will see how free-spirited and open-minded these women are. 

There is no drama about dating, having children together, marrying, etc.

Don’t get me wrong – you can do any of these if you both wish so.

But, there won’t be any pressure.

Finally, they don’t waste time (neither yours nor theirs); they know what they want and know how to get it.

You are there just to let yourself experience new thrills and new pleasures that you didn’t know existed before you met her.

Naturally, you will now ask me…where to find cougars?

Where to Find Them?

Well, there is always the option of hitting bars around the town, but, let’s be honest – you can’t just go around every night hoping to find a cougar to have fun with.

Here’s something better, something that you can do lying comfortably in your bed.

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 10

Tinder, my man.

This is how I found a cougar or two (or rather they found me, and it was more than two J) and let me tell you – I’ve had the time of my life with these women, even though I’m was still in my twenties.

They showed me some tricks and moves I never thought possible!!!

At least, I’ve never experienced this with younger women.

There are no taboos, no fear and whining “But, what if I get pregnant?”.

And, the best thing of all – even though they are categorized as “older women”, trust me, they take such good care of their looks that you often won’t be able to figure out their real age.

Anyhow, you can give a chance to another cougar app like Tinder, but here I’ll focus on the best.

How to Lure Cougars on Tinder?

Obviously, there is no “Tinder for cougars” as an individual app.

You’re stuck with the “regular” Tinder.

But don’t worry, older women on Tinder aren’t that difficult to find.

Cougars on Tinder are very present and out there.

You just need to be clever enough to get them to notice you.

I know I was wondering if I could find milfs on Tinder, but then it hit me!

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 11

You know that Tinder works by showing people nearby.

So, you can use “find cougars near me” or “older women near me” to get fast results.

Assuming you were honest about your age (your twenties), the app will show women either your age or slightly younger. 

So, why not cheat the system?

In all honesty, I did that and got lucky multiple times over.

Heed my counsel, do the same, and Tinder milfs and cougars will be a-plenty!

This covers your dilemma on how to find cougars or how to meet older women on Tinder.

Of course, here you need to make the most of everything Tinder has to offer – Super Likes combined with Top Picks, etc.

Still, none of these matters if you can’t hold a proper conversation.

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 12

The Basics of Communication

Remember, these women are experienced in different aspects of life.

You can’t charm them by talking about the latest games and/or your college or other frustrations.

That’s a big turn-off.

They don’t want to hook up with an infant still sucking the titties juice, they want to hook up with a (younger) MAN.

Let’s go step by step in defining how to meet older women and exchange bodily fluids.

1. Visual Communication

Be aware that it’s all about the first impression when it comes to these women (or any other woman, for that matter).

Your profile needs to tell the right story and for a cougar hookup, it needs to be well-maintained. 

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 13

The profile photo you choose should suggest how good-looking you are.

Still, it must be chosen with the utmost care.

Don’t show off your six-pack and a boner.

Only pathetic creeps do that.

It will get you nowhere no matter if we talk about cougars and milfs or girls your age. Some might find it interesting, but the odds are rather low.

To stay on the safe side, have a female friend choose the photos for you (I did that and it did wonders).

It would be awesome if you had an older friend who can choose the photo appealing to your target audience – Tinder older women.

Most of all, your profile needs to clearly show you are younger.

Even though your age settings suggest otherwise, make sure it’s obvious from your profile photo that you are not in fact 39.

Don’t worry if these women will see you as a trickster and liar.

They, more than anyone, are aware that we all have to bend the rules if we want to get what we want.

2. First Impression

Besides the photo, your bio is also the one that needs to leave a good impression.

Gaming references are a NO if we talk about hooking up with mature women.

Make it short and to the point.

Make it personal and humorous at the same time.

Don’t write long stories since nobody will read them.

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 14

Something like “Ladies lover and a lustful eater. Swipe me right to test me first-hand J” will do the trick, believe it or not!


This is a humorous remark with underlying meanings (if you can’t detect them then you better drop the task!).

The good thing is that these layers of meaning will not escape anyone let alone a cougar willing to date outside her age group.

But none of that is as relevant as straight-up communication.

3. Face-to-Face (Chat-to-Chat) Communication

I did say that cougar Tinder does not exist and the place where to meet cougars is regular Tinder.

I already mentioned the trick to see more cougars on your profile.

Now, the same rules you follow when establishing communication with girls your age on Tinder apply to when chatting up milfs and cougars.

What not to Do

I know it’s pointless to be descriptive here. So read carefully what you really should not do when establishing first written contact with cougars.

a. Lover’s Labour’s Lost

First of all, praising her beauty or good looks by quoting your favorite poet or writer (are they, though?) is futile.

It’s a cliché and you’ll be pinned down as a smart-ass. 

Or, God forbid some lost soul that nobody understands.

Cougars run as fast as possible from these since they don’t need drama queens in their life.

There’s no luck for you here as you’re not here to pass a literature exam.

You are here to get laid.

b. Don’t Be a Brute

Please, pretty please, don’t start with things like, “Nice butt cheeks/wreck!” You’re not an animal.

Or, “I would like to suck your titties juice!”

That’s just weird.

And, kinda sick!

“I’d lick you like a lollipop” or “I’ll let you lick the lollipop” are also a freakin’ NO!

You can use this later but for a first impression, you may just as well tell her she’s not your type.

Because, with such pick-up lines, you definitely won’t be hers.

I believe that with these two you got the gist of what not to use as pick-up lines. Let us now focus on…

What to Do (to Do Her)?

When meeting older women on Tinder you must be appreciative.

Above all, you must be self-confident. 

It’s no rocket science if I tell you women like to be wooed.

Milfs, cougars, girls in their prime. Ways are different, but the idea is the same.

a. Compliment and intrigue her

This will get you off to a good start.

If you don’t know how to use what you know about her to your advantage. Analyze the photos she uploaded. Check if you see something you like. Comment on that.

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 15

Say things like “You look great in this photo! By the way, is that thing still there?” Be creative here and act like you were there yourself.

This is how you’ll drag her into a conversation about a topic of mutual interest.

b. Be original

You can skip commenting on the setting of her photos and go directly to comment on her looks.

Tastefully, though!

 “Girl, I’ve seen a fair share of 42 year-olds and there’s no chance in hell that you could be one!” 

This immediately tells her that you are perceptive, know how to compliment and that you already have experience with women older than yourself.

c. Be straightforward

Although Cougars appreciate directness, you can’t ask for sex directly.

I mean, there is a place where you can do that, but that’s not the topic here.

As someone who has enormous experience with women well older than myself, I can tell you that it’s never good, and it doesn’t yield results in most cases.

Luckily, I was never so rash and imprudent to do it but some of them told me all sorts of experiences they had with guys thinking it’s OK to write stuff like “Wanna bang tonight?”

It would be if you weren’t an idiot! (that would be the reply).

And that’s about it!

What Next?

Now that we’ve established how to find a cougar and make a successful contact, it’s natural to wonder what comes next.

You won’t chat forever when there are better things to do.

The best thing about cougars is that they are open-minded and easy-going.

It won’t be long before you can set a date with her. 

She might even suggest it before you do.

Tinder Cougar🐆: FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars 16

As for the practical guidance, you can easily start by hinting at the fact she’s into younger guys. 

Say something like you’ve never had sex with someone older than you and see where it goes.

Know that you cannot miss here.

She’s definitely not looking for the next husband on Tinder and since she swiped you right, she’s into younger guys for sure.

It’s just up to you now to prove you’re up to the task.

Final Word on Tinder Cougar

Life is short, make it count, seize the day.

Have stories to tell when you grow old. 

Try new stuff.

Think outside the box.

Use the Tinder app to meet Cougars.

Date a cougar.

It’s an unforgettable experience to get a Cougar matching.

Find a cougar/milf on Tinder (no, there is no Tinder for milfs) and swipe her right.

Then let her shake you right and left, sideways and anyways in the bed.

Or, wherever you see fit.

Because she’ll do that and so much more.

You’ll experience a whole new level of pleasures that can be given only by the women who have fully let go of the stifling social norms and imposed beliefs.

Who says the woman has to be younger than you so you can enjoy the sex?

Trust me, a notorious lie is what it is!

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