How to Get Laid on Tinder – The Definitive Guide for 2024

Hi gents and ladies, welcome to our article on how to get laid on Tinder.

Though it may seem easy on the eye, looking to get laid on Tinder requires the right tactics, so in this article, we will:

Show you the easiest way to get laid
Show you how to craft an excellent Tinder profile
Share our secret chat formulas with you

Without any further ado, let’s get you laid!

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How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 28

Is Tinder the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Tinder.

How to Get Laid on Tinder

Things to Consider When Using Tinder to Get Laid

Before we get deep into the tips on getting laid or how to get laid on the first date, let’s first find out what exactly Tinder is and who must use Tinder.

Tinder is the biggest dating website out there and ranges from people looking for a quick fling to Serious relationships.

It is not only for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

You probably know someone who has been using Tinder to get laid, and they often tell you how easy it is, right?

Then you decide to try it yourself, and boom, you don’t even get a match, let alone hooking up with some hot chicks for a one-night-stand.

In moments like these, you probably wonder if Tinder gets you laid in the first place or just a myth other people tend to say.

Don’t worry friend, it’s quite easy to make mistakes when having hot Tinder conversations, or even before – when creating a profile.

Just like with the usual dating, we advise you to pay attention to several important factors, such as: creating and setting up an appealing Tinder profile and having a winning chat/messaging formula.

These two combined will get you more matches, thus more opportunities to impress ladies and get laid on Tinder.

You might be thinking: “Oh, I need to get laid on Tinder, but I know nothing about any of these things, what should I do?!”.

Well, don’t worry about that because we’re here to help you with that and teach you how to get laid with Tinder.

Table of Contents

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

1. First, set up a great Tinder profile

First and foremost, to even have hot Tinder conversations and have a chance of getting laid with hot girls, you need to get some Tinder matches.

And to do that, you need to have a Tinder profile that is appealing to women.

You can’t just take a random photo of yourself, post it as your profile pic, and hope to get matched with dozens of girls.

Creating an appealing Tinder profile is one of the most important steps of both having quick flirt Tinder conversations and getting laid on Tinder.

The crucial parts of making the best Tinder profile are using the proper photos, writing an interesting bio, attracting hot women, and making them like you.

Also, connecting your Tinder account to social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat & Spotify can be a plus.

Let’s explore both of these factors.

Using Proper Photos

The very first thing potential Tinder dates see when they stumble upon your profile is your profile picture.

Therefore, you want to make it as best as possible.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 29

From our findings, one common mistake we observed is that most guys make use of a random photo as their main profile photo on Tinder.

Men who do that end up with a few or even no matches at all.

To avoid being that guy, you need to thoroughly think about what kind of photos to use on your profile when using Tinder to hook up.

Let’s see what are the most important characteristics of a good Tinder profile picture.

1. No low-quality photos

First of all, we’d advise you never to use low-resolution and blurry photos because your profile picture should be completely clear and show your face and body.

Also, since Tinder is quite popular, there are a lot of fake accounts and bots.

And one of the main characteristics of a fake Tinder account is a blurry profile picture.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 30
How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 31

Therefore, when people stumble on profiles with this kind of photo, they usually swipe left and move on to the next profile.

2. No nudity

We men usually think alike, and when we see a hot girl, or a girl in a bikini, or wearing something hot, we press that like button.

However, it is not that simple with girls.

Yes, they like to see handsome men, but they won’t like you just because you posted a photo from the gym.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 32

From our studies, around 70% of females said that they don’t like seeing men without a shirt on Tinder.

Yes, they like good-looking guys, but they prefer if they wear something on their profile picture.

3. No fake photos

Another common characteristic of bots and fake Tinder profiles is that they use fake profile photos.

These photos are usually easily recognizable because people usually just google some hot photos and download them.

So, instead of doing that, you always want to present yourself, no matter if you are handsome or not.

There is no reason to lie if you are serious about getting laid anyway since they will meet you in person sooner or later.

4. No selfie

This is a very common mistake a lot of people, not just men, but women alike, make when creating a Tinder profile.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 33
How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 34

A good profile picture on Tinder shouldn’t just show your face, but also some of your body.

Therefore, always try to ask someone to take a photo of you or simply use the delayed caption option available on most mobile phones anyway.

5. No group photos

We’ll talk about group photos in a minute, but as for the main profile picture, you shouldn’t use group photos at all.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 35
How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 36

The main photo is usually the first thing a person on the other end of the screen sees, so you want them to see you and only you.

If they see a bunch of people, they might be confused about who you are, so avoid using photos with your friends.

6. No photos without your face

Showing off your body isn’t the easiest way to get laid on Tinder because such a profile photo is not enough.

You should always show your face as well.

Also, try not to take a picture from the sides because that could give a wrong impression about your face and body.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 37

So, that was about a Tinder profile picture.

But what about other photos?

Women like to check all your photos, so you should add a couple of more, just to satisfy their desires, especially if you’re looking for how to hook up on tinder fast.

Group photos are welcome here because they give the impression that you are a social person, which is something that most girls like.

Apart from that, if you have a pet, make sure to post some photos with it because 99% of the women will fall for photos like that.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 38
How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 39

Last, but not least, Tinder has an option to connect with your Instagram account.

This is a pretty handy feature to have but use it wisely.

If you have a lot of photos from your travels, it is a good idea to use them.

But if you have some very embarrassing photos, then you should definitely avoid connecting your Instagram to Tinder.

2. Next, write your bio like this

Now that you’ve understood why your Tinder photos are important, and what types of photos you should use, let’s move on to another very important part of your profile that will help you get more matches, which is, of course, your Tinder profile description.

Again, there is a difference between men and women in regards to how both of them press that like button while browsing profiles.

As said above, men simply see hot girls and swipe right.

Women are different.

They will first check your profile photo, then if they like it, they will check your other photos.

But wait, it is not the end!

If they like what they see, they will visit your profile and read your bio.

And only if they like everything combined they will swipe right.

Also, a lot of fake profiles don’t have profile descriptions at all, so if you don’t write something, girls might think that your profile is fake, and swipe left.

This is why you should always write something in your Tinder bio.

Of course, writing just anything won’t do the trick, you will have to be creative and write something interesting.

Pick some interesting topics and write about them.

Or simply use your favorite quote to describe your personality.

Whatever you decide to write, just don’t write too much.

Tinder bio has a character cap of 500, but you shouldn’t even come close to that.

Go up to 300 max, since it should be enough to write everything you need.

It is also common to write what kind of person you are looking for, such as people for casual hookups, serious relationships, or something else.

Chat Formula for Success

Now that the first two steps to successful hook-up on Tinder are completed, you will be able to get more matches and have a chance to have more girls to flirt with.

However, just having a killer profile won’t get you laid tonight.

We discovered that most women on Tinder are there either because they are looking for the right one or because they recently broke up with another guy.

A large majority of those girls simply want to have fun and get laid, but you can’t just send them a straight message and ask them if they want to bang.

To get them into bed, you will need to be crafty and interest them long enough for them to begin to like you.

3. And avoid these common mistakes

To get there, you will probably make a couple of mistakes along the way.

Now, living is learning, right?

True, but in this case, it also means a wasted opportunity.

Therefore, let’s talk about the most common mistakes guys make during Tinder conversations.

So, if you really want to know how to get sex on Tinder, you should try to avoid making these mistakes.

1. Bad grammar

We believe that one of the biggest turnoffs for men and women alike is when the person you’re chatting with is not using proper grammar.

Now, don’t get this wrong.

You don’t have to write everything without mistakes.

No one would bother you because of one missing comma or something like that.

We mean, some people probably would, but a large majority of them simply want to see normal-looking text, and not all of that teenage stuff, such as “C u” or something like that.

Therefore, instead of using slang, try to write normally because it would show some maturity and willingness to invest time in the conversation, rather than just being as efficient as possible when it comes to time management.

After all, even though online dating is done over the internet, most dating rules still apply, and using internet talk is not a good idea if you want to get laid tonight by using Tinder.

2. Long messages

Another common mistake a lot of men make is thinking that girls like reading essays, so they write long messages and made up stories.

Even though some women like to see interesting stories, you should always try to be as honest as possible.

Since you will probably be seeing them in person if your textbook hookup technique works, and you manage to get them to accept your proposal hook up.

Also, writing long messages might seem too offensive and boring, and it could show that you are trying too much.

Women like when you answer straight and short, with a couple of long messages in between the lines to spice things up.

3. A lot of emojis at once

Emojis are popular nowadays, that much is true.

They are really useful for expressing how you feel and look.

However, there is a straight line between them being useful and annoying.

Sometimes, people tend to use emojis too much, without using enough words.

That is something that can get pretty annoying, and you should definitely avoid doing that if you want to end up getting laid on Tinder.

Try to balance the general use of emojis, and put them only when they will really look meaningful.

That will also give girls the impression that they are also mature enough.

4. Being rude if she doesn’t reply

During some of your conversations on Tinder, it could happen that the girl you’ve been talking to stops responding or responds very rarely.

This usually means one of two things: she is no longer interested, or she had a very busy day and couldn’t answer at the time.

A lot of men make the same mistake of getting angry over this.

Really, there isn’t really a reason for you to do so, other than a hurt ego.

However, you should avoid that kind of reaction, especially if it turns out that she was busy and couldn’t answer or forgot to answer.

This way, you would just show how childish you are, which is usually what turns the girls off.

Therefore, it is better not to do it.

You might feel upset, and your ego will probably be hurt, but you need to learn how to control yourself since this can happen a lot in online dating.

5. Boring openers and conversations

One really good piece of advice on how to find hookups on Tinder is to start a conversation with a good and interesting opener.

We’ve noticed that a lot of guys start with “hi” or “hello”, thinking that’s what girls want.

That way of thinking is completely wrong.

First of all, girls usually chat with about 10-15 guys at the same time, and most of them open up the conversation with boring ice-breakers, such as these.

In that case, girls either choose not to answer or just write several more sentences, then move on to more interesting guys.

To avoid being ignored, you should think of something interesting with which you want to start a conversation.

There are a lot of things you can use, but more about that later.

All you need to know right now is that your opener should be interesting and funny.

Apart from that, you should really think of an interesting topic to chat about.

Even though your opener might’ve been interesting, if the rest of the conversation is boring, girls will lose interest pretty fast.

And when they get bored, there goes away your chances of getting laid on Tinder.

So, make sure to remember that and be as interesting as possible.

6. Going straight for the sex questions

There are a lot of women on Tinder who are there to get laid and are open to hooking up on Tinder, but as we already mentioned, they would never be completely open to telling you that the first time you chat with each other.

They wouldn’t want to you think that they are like prostitutes, willing to do anything to a stranger, so they usually expect that men put some effort into flirting with them.

Of course, they know that most of us who simply want to get laid would like to see them completely open and straightforward, but that is something that is not going to happen at all.

Therefore, any straightforward question such as “Do you want to bang” would be met with rejection or even block.

Also, if you have an idea of how many people on tinder are looking to get laid, then you’ll learn how to ask a girl if she wants to get laid on tinder in the best way possible.

Women don’t like to be sexualized straight away, even if they put up a sexy Tinder profile.

Perhaps they recently broke up, have the feeling that all men are pigs, or they simply want you to make some effort.

Sexualizing will come later, but first, you need to tease them a bit and make sure they feel comfortable around you.

More about that later, though.

4. Now, use the right Tinder openers

To achieve success with girls on Tinder and eventually manage to get laid, you will need to be crafty with words.

Opening lines are very crucial and sometimes pave an easy way to get laid.

Girls like it when men are interesting and funny, so you should try to be creative with your openers because one thing all women on Tinder hate is when you start the conversation with a simple “Hey”, “Hi”, or “Hello”.

This might seem a bit difficult, especially if you are not very good with words, but don’t worry, that’s why I am here today.

I’ll try to explain to you how this works and give you some examples of a good conversation opener for Tinder.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 40

Sometimes, you don’t even have to be crafty with words, but simply creative, just like the guy in the previous example.

It was such a simple pickup line, but because it is unique and interesting, he managed to get her attention and it was a complete success.

What you want to avoid is being too straightforward and sexual in your first messages because that usually doesn’t work and turns off the majority of girls.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 41

Frankly, you would be surprised how many men open up a conversation with this kind of message, thinking that’s how to get girls on Tinder.

You would think that they have more brains, but obviously, they aren’t thinking with their upper head.

Therefore, if you want to get laid on Tinder, make sure not to be that weirdo who opens up a conversation with sexualizing messages.

Let me give you some tips and help you think of something interesting to start your Tinder conversations.

1. Start with a gif

If you don’t know what to write, you should always start with a gif.

Gifs are funny, and it is proven that they increase the response rate by 30%.

Why are gifs a good choice?

First of all, the girl will see the animation straight away, which will make her think about it.

Also, gifs usually evoke some kind of response, which can be a laugh or a simple smile, depending on how interesting they are.

This combination of mixed feelings will usually make her respond to your message, even if it is not of top-notch quality.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 42

See how this guy managed to do it with a simple gif, and a pretty confident follow-up message, which evoked a positive response from the girl.

This is what you are trying to achieve.

Simple, yet effective.

And it is so much better than a simple “Hi” or “Hey cutie”, wouldn’t you say?

2. Clickbait questions

One of the best ways to intrigue a woman and make her answer your opener is to use a clickbait question.

This will make her want to know the answer, so she will have to reply to your message.

There are a variety of options to use here.

You can go through her photos and try to find some little details you could use, and then open up the conversation with something like: “Hi, I’ve noticed something really interesting in one of your photos.”

Then she will probably want to know what you’ve noticed, so she will have to reply to satisfy her curiosity.

Or you could go with something like this:

“Hey, do you remember?”

Then she would simply have to ask, “remember what?” just to get some answer.

After that, you can go with whatever you want, from telling some historical references, or some widely-known news.

Depending on her answer, you will see whether she is a boomer or a very cool person.

If she reacts with a smile to your opener, then it’s a win for you mate.

If not, then simply look for another girl to get laid.

3. Going all-out Sherlock

Have you ever watched the Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch starring?

If so, then you probably remember how insightful he was in the observation of almost everything.

You can use that sort of technique to make a great opener for your Tinder conversations.

Take one look at the girl’s photos and create a story that describes her personality.

If you get this right, she will definitely be amazed by your analysis skills, and you will be able to pursue the conversation further.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 43

Also, if you do it wrong, she will probably reply to correct you, which is also a good thing.

That way, you will be able to correct yourself and write something like: “Hm, it looks like my observing skills are not as good as I thought. Or perhaps it was your beauty that clouded my mind.”

This will make the girl lol and definitely feel a bit more attracted to you, which will result in a further conversation.

So, you could say that using this “Sherlock” technique is a win-win strategy, there is no doubt about that at all.

4. Random question pop up

If you have really nothing smart to ask or say, you can write the first weird thing that comes up in your mind, and rephrase it as a question.

For instance, something like this.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 44

This type of openers is short and sweet, and girls like it.

Also, from their answers, you can learn something useful about them, which you can use later to impress them.

Apart from that, you might also learn that you both like the same things, which is always a plus in a relationship.

Even if you don’t like the same things, you can say that you do.

Girls really like that, since that makes them feel closer to you, thus making it easier for you to get laid.

5. Using a name pun

One of the oldest openers out there is using the girls’ name as a pun.

This tactic means that you should think of a funny way to use her name in a story.

This can be very interesting and successful, or a complete failure, depending on the way you do it, so keep that in mind.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 45

As you can see, this example is a very funny one, and you’ll agree with us both of them laughed quite a lot while they were chatting, which probably made them continue for a while longer.

However, this doesn’t work every time, especially if your name pun story is not quite interesting and well-thought.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 46

To be fair, this can be a bit insulting, especially if you’re talking to people of a different race on a dating site as it may indicate you don’t have enough respect for them.

Even though this might’ve been funny to you, it might not be funny to that person, so it is best to avoid these types of comments.

5. Lastly, get the job done in these 4 steps

After you’ve seen some useful tips on how to get laid easy on Tinder, let’s see what is the fastest way to get laid.

There are four major steps in every Tinder conversation.

Knowing and understanding how they work is crucial to get you to get girls from Tinder in your bed as fast as possible.

These four steps are:

  1. Teasing
  2. Understanding
  3. Sexualizing
  4. Taking a lead

We’re going to explain all of these individually and give you some examples that should answer your questions about how to get laid fast on Tinder.

After you learn how these steps work and see some tips on getting laid, you will know enough about how to hook up with a girl on Tinder.

1. Teasing

For women on Tinder to open up to you and accept to hook up, you’ll need to create a bond between you and them.

In normal dating, one of the best ways to bond with someone is to tease them about something they do, like, or literally anything you can think of.

The same goes for online dating.

Women like it when men are funny and able to joke about anything, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try it.

Now, you must be wondering, how this works and what should be the topic of this teasing?

In that regard, you can literally pick anything you like or notice about the girl in question.

Perhaps she has a weird taste in music or an unusual taste for exotic food.

Or she likes some types of movies you find uncommon.

These are just plain examples.

Every person is different, so you will need to find out more about the person, whether from their photos and profile description or by chatting with them for some time.

Once you know the specifics, the real fun can begin.

For instance, as in this conversation.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 47

Here, you see a bit of teasing that worked as a great opener, which probably brought up a smile on her face, and allowed the conversation to develop further.

However, what you need to keep in mind is that when you decide to tease someone, there are limits.

You should never insult the person on the other end, or make them feel hurt.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 48

That would be counter-productive and decrease your chances to get laid.

Also, your actions might be seen as a type of bullying, which can result in a block or even a ban from Tinder.

Therefore, you should always be careful not to push things too much and prevent things from escalating any further, if it comes to that.

2. Understanding

The next step is also one of the hardest ones because there isn’t a fixed path on how to do it.

Of course, I am talking about understanding women.

Just like in regular dating, girls will test you all the time when chatting.

You will need to be able to understand their jokes, memes, and desires.

If you can’t do it, they might think that you are not worthy of their time.

This is very hard because every woman is different, so to understand them, you need to get to know them a bit, or be on the same level of intelligence.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but completely doable, like it is shown in the photo you are about to see.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 49

See how this conversation was naturally flowing in the right direction?

It is simply because a guy was able to completely understand this girl’s sense of humor and way of thinking.

Understanding is crucial because it is one of the best turn-ons.

If both you and the girl on the opposite side of the screen are on the same page, she will completely fall for you and be more open to spreading her legs and hooking up with you.

3. Sexualizing

I had talked about this before, but a lot of guys really don’t know how to ask a girl to hook up over text.

They are usually too straightforward and ask for sex in the first several messages.

However, most of the time, more precisely, 99% of the time, this tactic is not working.

Only 1% of women fall for this kind of message.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 50

This is definitely a bad opener and too straightforward, which will be met with rejection from the girls.

Now, even if you manage to have a funny opener that sexualizes girls too much, the same fate will be bestowed upon you.

Like in the examples below.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 51
How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 52

All this may seem funny and interesting to you, but to most girls, this is quite insulting and makes them reject you.

And it will happen over and over again, until you learn your lesson and start being nicer to them, and take things slowly.

This is often quite hard to achieve because you never know what kind of girl you are talking to, so you will need to somehow test them and see if they are more relaxed or too stiff.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 53

For example, this opener might seem like she is being sexualized, but she actually responded very positively, which means that she is probably into you.

If that wasn’t the case, and for example, she got mad and responded offensively, then you would know that you need to take things more slowly with her.

Or she would simply reject you, and the conversation would be over.

The point is, it is not really easy to connect with someone, but when you do, you are free to start exploring the options and send some sexualizing messages.

4. Taking a lead

All that is great, but there is one last step before you call for a victory song here.

Without this step, everything you think you know about how to get laid is pretty useless.

That step is, of course, the final step of taking a lead and asking the girl out.

If you don’t do this, you might end up in the friendzone and never get laid with that person.

Also, girls like it when men take it to the next level and take a lead, so don’t be afraid to do so.

How do you do that?

Let’s take a look at the example.

How to Get Laid on Tinder - The Definitive Guide for [year] 54

To be successful at this and get a chance to have a drink with her, you will need to take things slowly and find the right moment to ask her out.

Just like in the example, both of them understood each other way of thinking and had a great sense of humor.

And right at the peak of that conversation, a guy picked the perfect time to ask her out.

How do I know it was the perfect moment?

Well, they’d been exchanging messages for some time and had great fun.

The last message he sent before asking her out was a peak of that conversation, like the finish of one chapter.

That is usually when the girl gets the most excited and interested in you.

Everything after that is usually a steady decline of interest because the conversation is taking too long.

Therefore, that point is the best moment to take a lead and ask her out, which is what he did.

If he waited longer, she might’ve lost interest, and rejected his proposal.


Our approach was to study and analyze various ways in which a Tinder profile can be set up to attract potential hookup partners within the shortest possible time.

We based our conclusion on the following criteria:

  • Our experience using the Tinder app for hookup
  • Submissions made by Tinder users on sites like Reddit & Quora
  • Useful tactics for setting up a proper Tinder profile

Final Word

There you go, folks!

Those were my tips on how to get laid on Tinder.

It’s not an easy task, but completely manageable if you have the right approach.

Your success depends on the right combination of different factors, such as how good your profile is, whether you were able to avoid making some common mistakes, what type of opener you used, and whether you were able to follow four simple steps for hooking up with hot girls on Tinder.

Today, we explored all of these factors.

Hopefully, this small guide was helpful to you, and if it was, feel free to share your own experience in the comments below.

Now let’s see some frequently asked questions on how to hook up on Tinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

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