Tinder Select – What is it and is it really worth it to join?

As a Tinder user, you may have upgraded your account from free to either Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus at some point.

These premium plans do come with loads of amazing features, but have you ever heard of Tinder select?

In this article, I will explain briefly:

What Tinder Select is
Who can access this secret Tinder app
Explore the features Tinder select has to offer

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Without further delay, let’s jump right in!

Tinder Select - What is it and is it really worth it to join? 3

Is Tinder the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Tinder.

tinder select

If you are a popular athlete, supermodel, actor, or CEO, “Tinder Elite” the secret Tinder elite dating app is perfect for you!

What is Tinder select?

Access to this app is granted to only important members of society and Tinder is matching them with other influential people.

This is the members-only version that not everyone can use and explore. 

It is some sort of a Tinder VIP or Tinder exclusive.

However, you can explore this elite Tinder version and match it with sexy supermodels.

With the secret Tinder app, you can find a better match and look at some rare profiles that don’t normally come up.

How to Join?

Interestingly, Tinder is the biggest dating website out there and it ranges from people looking for a quick fling to serious relationships and not only for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

Now, you probably can’t wait to try it and want to create your elite Tinder account immediately.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy.

Some data from your regular Tinder account could help (for example good ELO score), but nothing can guarantee access to this app.

Profiles that are displayed are quite exclusive and the selection process is required.

If they don’t think you are good enough to join the list of secret members, your request will be denied.

There are a few steps you can take that can significantly improve your chances of getting in.

Here they are:

1. Boost your regular Tinder profile

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus can be quite pricey, but upgrading your account from free to premium will increase your chances of getting in by 3.

These exclusive Tinder subscriptions are designed to boost your profiles and increase your visibility and match rate.

If you only had two or three matches a day with a free account, you can expect at least twice as much with the upgraded version.

This boost will improve the ELO score and a high ELO score is one of the criteria for joining Tinder Select.

All of the right swipes and matches will represent you in the best way – you will become some desirable that exclusive members should meet.

2. Good activity

If you are using your Tinder profile from time to time, you won’t easily get access to Tinder Select.

They want members that are popular, desirable, and most important, active!

Being active doesn’t just mean swiping right and left for the entire day.

Too many left swipes will work against you and the same goes for too many right swipes.

You should be a bit picky and plan out when to swipe right and when left.

If you are interested in the girl, find her attractive, and believe you have a shot, then like her profile.

But never swipe right out of desperation and like a girl you would never date because you currently have little matches.

If you don’t like a girl and know that it would never work out, swipe left and continue your search.

3. Chat with your matches

The high number of matches alone won’t get you in.

It is better to have five matches every day and chat with those girls regularly than to have fifteen matches per day and never text any one of the girls.

Communication with other members is important and it should not only be small talk.

A few minutes of talking each day with one of your matches are recommended.

By doing this you are representing yourself as communicative and someone people love being around.

4. Improve your bio

When creating the account, this is the most neglected part and users usually write two or three short sentences and never update the bio.

If you want to become a Tinder VIP member, you will have to spend some time writing the bio

Write about your personality traits, hobbies and work, but keep it interesting. Sentences just randomly typed out won’t grab anyone’s attention.

If you wrote that you are a fun guy that jokes around, your bio should show that.

The same goes for any other trait you wrote about yourself.

It is also good to write about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, activities, and anything that will make you stand out.

This is an example of who to show your preferences using your bio:

Improve your bio

Another example of a great bio:

Improve your bio

5. Choose the right pictures

Tinder VIP members are all good-looking, at least according to their Tinder Select photos.

It isn’t hard to take a great photo – figure out your good angles, choose the right clothes, background and consider hiring a professional photographer so that you can upload only high-quality photos.

Also, you should be standing alone in the picture – group photos aren’t recommended.

A great photo will get you more likes and matches, and boost your chances of getting a Tinder select invite by 66%.

6. Tinder questions

Answering every Tinder question can be boring, but it will increase your chances of having a secret Tinder account.

Also, to fill every box, you will need just a few minutes, and it will be worth it in the end.

Be honest when answering – name your real job, age, education, etc.

Tinder is rating all of the listed answers and taking them into consideration when deciding whether you should join or not.

If you get caught in the lie, you might suffer some consequences…

7. Link your Instagram account

If you don’t have many followers, then linking the Instagram profile won’t be as helpful.

However, if you have a few thousand followers, connect the two profiles.

Link your Instagram account

Tinder will give you a high rate and most likely send you an invitation!

8. Get an invitation

Remember, this is the invite-only dating app, and if you were wondering how to get invited to tinder select, the answer is quite simple – get the invitation.

You will get invited by Tinder or one of the Tinder VIP members.

The steps previously mentioned and described could help you get an invite by Tinder.

If you feel like your chances of getting an invitation from Tinder are low, find out who might be using this Tinder elite app.

Get an invitation

Unfortunately, even with the invitation, access is not guaranteed and there is a strict selection process every member has to go through.

If you have completed all of the steps, they will likely decide that you are suitable for this exclusive app.

How does Tinder Select work?

So, how does it work?

Are there more features in Tinder?

What can I expect after joining this members-only dating app?

These are the most common questions and here are anticipated answers.

Tinder for the elite works the same as the regular Tinder app.

You are going through the feed, seeing different profiles, and swiping left and right.

It is pretty basic and besides the different audiences, there aren’t many differences.

The creators used different color palates, but the overall design is the same.

Here are some other unique features of Tinder Select:

1. Photos

Once you start scrolling and looking at other profiles, you will notice a blue border around the photos.

This blue border should indicate that it is the Tinder select user.

If the person doesn’t have a blue border, then it isn’t a member of this exclusive app.

2. Wider range

With regular Tinder, you can only see the users that are near you, probably from the same city area.

To find more matches, you have to change your location throughout the day.

Tinder Select has fewer members and shows users that are both near and a bit further.

Without any additional upgrades or payments, you can match with people that live in another city or even another state.

3. Better algorithm and more matches

At first, this change in the algorithm isn’t noticeable.

You are still just swiping left and right, possibly seeing the profiles you have already seen before and a few of the VIP ones as well.

Even though you might not feel it in the beginning, the algorithm is working in your favor.

Tinder for the elite will bring you more matches than you ever expected.

In just one day of using it, you can expect 5 times more matches than previously.

Thanks to the high number of matches, your ELO score is further improved and that match rate won’t fall as drastically over time.

Even after a few months, you can expect a high number of matches.

This is all because Tinder Select is constantly boosting your profile.

You are considered as one of the popular and desirable members and automatically your profile is boosted and constantly appears at the top of the queue.

This boost won’t last in just the first week of joining, but for at least the next three or more months.

Every Tinder Select user experienced this and used the chance they were given – more matches, more dates and the goal is completed.

Different functions of Tinder for the elite

Now you are familiar with how it works.

Let’s take a look at some of the features available with Tinder Select.

1. Filter for Tinder Select

When you become a member, your profile will change a bit.

The first thing you will notice is “select” under your image, which will show that you are one of the Tinder VIP members.

Filter for Tinder select

Tinder Select Filter can be turned off when needed.

Because you are one of the members, turning it back on is possible whenever you want.

Tinder Select - What is it and is it really worth it to join? 4

2. Nominations

If you have been nominated by one of the members to join, you probably won’t have this option.

The only member invited by Tinder will be able to nominate other people.

In this way, Tinder is carefully selecting the users who could join this exclusive app.

Also, you won’t get an unlimited number of nominations.

Each member has a few that they can use whenever.

Because this number of nominations is limited, be careful about who are you spending it with.

Whenever you want to nominate someone, just click on the “Invite a friend” button.

Nominations for Tinder select

Your friend will receive the same message everybody else does and go through the selection process.

3. Different feed

The feed will look the same, except for one little “S” at the top.

Different feed

When the Select filter is turned on, this S will appear and you will be able to like and match with other Tinder Select users.

Remember, this is the members-only version, but you can still look and like other profiles as well.

When the filter is turned off, you can explore the basic Tinder app and profiles.

Besides this change, everything else is the same.

You can like profiles, ignore them, send messages, or block and report users.

Every feature available in the standard Tinder app is available for Tinder Select, but with a much better algorithm, more matches, and likes.

Because it has so few members, everyone is doubting this app exists.

The only ones who know this Tinder extension is real are VIP users because they are members.

Nobody from Tinder has ever officially confirmed or commented about this Tinder version and almost all things about it are top-secret.

Of course, you can find the information about how to sign up for Tinder select, who is it for, and similar, but the number of members and who are the members remains a secret.

Still, according to all evidence, Tinder Select does exist and you can find different reviews of it online.

Even people that aren’t celebrities, famous athletes, or Instagram influencers, mingled their way in and got the chance to explore this Tinder version as well.

With all of the above-mentioned tricks, you can do the same and enjoy all the benefits that secret dating apps have to offer.

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