How to find out if someone is on Tinder [Step By Step]

How to find out if someone is on Tinder

Tinder is one of the biggest and most popular dating apps. Probably, over half of your friends have given it a shot at one point.

It is filled with singles looking for a next fling or hoping to fall in love.

However, not all Tinder users are single. Some of them are either dating already, in an exclusive relationship, or married. 

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Luckily, I will show you a few ways on how to find out if someone is on Tinder and using it to cheat.

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    8 steps to finding out if someone is on Tinder

    8 steps to finding someone on Tinder

    Paranoia is completely understandable.

    When you start seeing someone new, you don’t have enough trust.

    You might start wondering whether they look at you as one of the options.

    If you met the person through Tinder, the paranoia is even bigger.

    Just because you went out a few times, they don’t have to delete an account, but chatting with other people does feel like a betrayal. 

    If you are wondering whether they are on Tinder, follow these steps to find out.

    1. Create a profile

    Setting up a Tinder account is easy and it will only take about a few minutes.

    How to find out if someone is on Tinder [Step By Step] 1

    You can even do it via Facebook to speed up the process.

    Because you are only creating the profile to spy on your crush, you don’t have to worry about posting the best photo or think too much about your bio.

    Upload a few pictures from Facebook and write a few short lines in the bio section.

    This is probably the easiest way to find out. If they are from your area, their profile will pop up at some point.

    Go to the Explore section and set the filters – filter profiles by age and gender. In this way, you will be limiting the search and their profile will appear sooner.

    All that you have to do now is swipe until you see them. Remember that only 200 swipes per day are allowed.

    If you can’t find them after a few days, it might be best to give it up. They have probably deleted their account and you can calm down.

    2. Updated profile information

    Updated Profile Information

    If you’ve met the person through Tinder, you can just skip the previous step and log in to your account.

    Find their profile in your inbox and check if any information is updated.

    Changed bio or picture is a sign of recent activity.

    When a picture has great results, it is automatically changed. Of course, for it to change, the user has to swipe and match with other members.

    Maybe the Tinder didn’t change their photo, and they decided to upload a new one.

    Whichever the situation, they are still using Tinder, and your suspicions are justified.

    If you need more proof, check out their location.

    This information can’t be controlled by users and whenever someone enters the app it is automatically updated.

    3. Send them a message

    Okay, so you’ve stumbled upon their profile.

    This doesn’t have to mean much. It might be an old profile, and they uninstalled the app but forgot to deactivate an account.

    Many Tinder users do not understand the difference between deleting an app and deleting the profile, and Tinder is full of inactive accounts. 

    The only way to be sure whether they are active or not is to send them a message.

    Send a simple “Hi” and wait for their reaction.

    If they are using the app, they will receive a notification and either like a message or reply to it.

    If you don’t ever get the response, they probably do not have the app anymore and there is nothing to worry about.

    4. Check for a match

    Check for a match

    If you’ve met them through Tinder, you had to match first.

    By checking your matches, you can easily find out whether they are still on Tinder.

    Unmatching someone after a few dates is suspicious, especially if the dates went well and you are still in contact.

    It is definitely a sign of activity, so if you can’t find them in your matches, sorry, but they are probably doing something behind your back.

    5. Use other Tinder account

    Creating a profile and swiping for dates seems like too much hassle for some people.

    It might just be easier to ask a friend to find them for you.

    Probably many people around you have Tinder and they might have already seen the profile.

    When they stumble upon it, they can send you a screenshot so you can be certain that they found the right person.

    6. Use username to find them

    Use username to find them

    Everyone on Tinder has a username, so it could help you with the search.

    For many members, a username of all social media and Tinder is the same.

    Go to their Instagram or Facebook profile and copy the username.

    Then type and see which profile pops up.

    Keep in mind that this will work only if the usernames are the same. If other tricks do not work, give this one a shot.

    7. Use one of the apps to find out

    You aren’t the first person that wanted to find out whether someone is using Tinder to cheat.

    Many people have been in the same situation as you, and nowadays there are plenty of apps that can do the searching for you.

    They will swipe through profiles until the right person pops up.

    Unfortunately, many of these apps aren’t free, so be prepared to spend a few bucks to get your answer.

    8. Ask them directly

    This may cause a confrontation, but at least you will know and won’t have to do anything behind their backs.

    If they are an honest person, they will tell whether that they are still using Tinder and maybe even explain why.

    Be aware that they could also lie to you, so you might still not be completely calm after you get the answer.

    Useful apps and websites

    Useful apps and websites

    As said, there are plenty of apps and websites that will do the searching for you.

    You won’t have to waste time setting up an account, choosing the right search filters, and swiping.

    You also won’t have to rely on any of your friends to do the job for you.

    These apps do the swiping and you will get an answer in just a few minutes.

    Here is a list of the apps that could help you:


    How to find out if someone is on Tinder [Step By Step] 2

    This is a website created to help find people on Tinder and match with them.

    Of course, many do it just for spying and figuring out whether someone has an account.

    Once the account is found, there is a spy feature that will update you whenever the user changes something on their profile.

    However, to use the website, you will have to create a Tinder account.

    Firstly, you should provide a phone number, the same one you are using on Tinder.

    After that, you will receive a code for verification. Just type the code and you can start the search.

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    If this website can’t find them, they probably aren’t using the app.

    Also, if it does find them, use the spy feature to find out whether they are still active.

    2. CheaterBuster

    How to find out if someone is on Tinder [Step By Step] 3

    CheaterBuster won’t only find the person you are looking for, but give you many other details as well.

    The accuracy of their results is 99%, and information is more than reliable.

    Before you start searching, you will have to create an account. Just type in the username and password and you will get access to the website.

    To search for someone, you have to give their name, age and gender. You will also have to pinpoint their location.

    It is best to just enter the name of the city they are from.

    When you click on the search button, many profiles will be listed.

    You can now go through those profiles and find the one you were looking for.

    If a profile doesn’t show up in a first try, change one of the search filters. Many people said it took more than one search to find someone. Usually, they had to change the location.

    Besides just providing the search services, CheaterBuster will also allow you to look at four photos and see when the person was last active.

    Other features such as update, status, profile information and super update are available as well, but you will have to purchase credits.

    A detailed search with all of the aforementioned information could cost you around $20.

    3. Social catfish

    How to find out if someone is on Tinder [Step By Step] 4

    Social Catfish has a quite large database, and you will get the search results in just a few seconds.

    The website is easy to use and has a straightforward design.

    There are several features you can try out. Firstly, you can verify somebody and see whether they are who they claim to be.

    You can also find out a person’s location just by entering their email address or uploading a photo.

    Their best feature is a Find that will help you find their account on Tinder. Also, all of their other social media accounts will be displayed as well.

    The search isn’t as detailed as with CheaterBuster, so you won’t get information about their recent activity or last swipe.

    You will only know whether they have a Tinder profile or not.

    Other profiles you can find

    Other profiles you can find

    These apps don’t have to be used just for finding a potential cheater or the person you are currently dating.

    With them, you have access to all Tinder profiles, which means that you can easily find whoever you want.

    Here is a list of other people you can stumble upon:

    1. An ex

    Let’s be honest, everyone is wondering what their ex is doing and are they dating.

    If you find their profile on Tinder, they are either looking for a new relationship or casual dating.

    Their shared images or bio might even tell you more about what they are currently doing and have they changed.

    To find them, follow the steps or use one of the mentioned websites.

    2. An old friend

    An old friend

    Not everyone stays in touch with their high-school or college friends.

    Now you can track these people down and maybe reconnect.

    If you use Social Catfish, you won’t only get their Tinder account, but other social media profiles as well, and initiate contact on any of them.

    3. Someone new

    Okay, so the person you are currently dating is still quite active on Tinder and you are thinking about moving on.

    Not all Tinder users are cheaters, so if you have an account, give the app another shot.

    These apps could help you find your perfect match. can find people with similar interests as yours or someone that went to your university.

    Set the filters and explore the options!

    4. Your competition

    Your Competition

    If the person you are seeing has openly said that they are seeing other people, you can check out the competition.

    Of course, you will have to know their name, so try finding it out.

    If you don’t know the name, you can just check out all the profiles in your area.

    Take a look at the bios, photos and other social media apps.

    Those profiles can be useful for upgrading your own.

    5. Hot Instagramer

    Instagram is full of hot people, and many of them use Tinder to increase the number of followers.

    If somebody caught your eye on Instagram, but you can’t find and match with them on Tinder, use the websites.

    Using might be the best, because you will be able to immediately match with them.

    Initiating contact through Tinder is much easier than on Instagram, just think of a good opener.

    Final Word on How to find out if someone is on Tinder

    Final word on Tinder

    Even though Tinder claims that searching for a specific person isn’t possible, now you know a few tricks to make it possible.

    Hopefully, with these tricks, you will find what you were looking for!

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