100% Free Dating Sites In The USA

100% Free Dating Sites in USA

You are probably here because you have looked everywhere for a dating site that is completely FREE in the USA and has found none.

In this article, I’ll take you on a journey to find that you so desire and more.

We’ll review the following:

Completely Free Dating sites
Freemium sites
Features & Pricing

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100% Free Dating Sites in USA
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If you are reading this it means you are most likely in serious pursuit of the best totally free dating sites in the USA that will help you find someone special.

Even if you’re looking for hookup sites (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or you want a site that will help you start a serious relationship (like eHarmony), you’re in luck because we have a completely free dating sites like these for you.

During your pursuit, you have probably found dozens of articles with this title that offered many things but no totally free dating sites, and this is quite common.

We know this because we have read most of them and realized that they don’t help you find what you are looking for – at least one 100% free dating site in the USA, that is.

We created this article that has two categories:

  • 100% free dating sites without any paid services, and
  • Freemium dating sites that have a fully working free version, but also premium memberships.

Let’s start!

Completely Free Dating Sites

When we say “completely free” that is exactly what we mean – no credit card, no membership, 100% free.

Now, these websites are a bit tricky to find, since millions of people are used to those that offer both premium and paid version and are willing to pay to get extremely good quality.

If you, however, wish to skip the paying part and enjoy searching for people for free and have been googling “dating sites in the usa no credit card” or “dating sites for free no membership”, then here are the answers.

1. Aimerworld.com

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 66


OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 4/5

Affiliate Program – 1/5

Overall Quality – 3/5


  • The whole website is 100% free
  • There are thousands of members in the user base
  • There are basic and more specialized search criteria
  • There is an email verification during registration


  • A high number of fake profiles
  • Recurrent scams


Aimerworld was created in 2015 and has been on the market for 5 years now. It was designed for straight, gay, and lesbian people.

This means that it doesn’t prefer any sexual orientation, but encourages everyone to open about their sexuality and look for an adequate partner.

Thanks to this, thousands of people are on this app, which can be seen just by trying to search for members.

There are thousands of pages with the results, which is pretty fascinating for such a low-profile dating site.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 67

There is almost the same number of male and female users, which is good information and means that both genders have pretty good chances of finding someone of the opposite gender, or the same one since the user base is quite large. 

The site was designed to help people find happy connections and lasting relationships however, a lot of people are there for sex and casual encounters as well.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

When it comes to using this website and looking for interesting individuals on it, we are happy to say that it does do a good job and causes no difficulties in the process.

You can use both the desktop version if that is your thing, or download the mobile app, which is fully functional and offers the same features and experience as the desktop one.

The only issue is that there is only an Android mobile version. For now.

Once you decide to register you will probably please to see that there aren’t any long questionnaires, but a pretty easy form with basic questions.

 You will be asked to add your first and last name, e-mail address, password, username, gender, and the date of birth. 

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 68

After this, the information asked of you will be asked who you are looking for, where you come from, what your eye and hair color is and then add your marital status, religion, ethnicity, number of children, body type, whether you smoke, drink and what your job is.

There are also three open questions where you can say what you look for in a partner, write a short bio about yourself, and also say something about your interests.

When you fill all of this, out, which also isn’t mandatory, but is highly encouraged, you will be able to upload photos and then start searching.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 69

When it comes to looking for people you can search by zip code, location near yours, age, body type, distance, look for new members or use advanced settings.

Once you find someone cute you can either send them a message or a “like” and those are two ways to initiate contact.

Besides talking one-on-one, you can also enter chat rooms and see what people are talking about.

There are also chat numbers and chat lines, which makes this website pretty interesting and interactive.


1. Is Aimerworld legit?

It is only normal to question the legitimacy of many dating websites, and we are happy to say this does check that box.

However, many users complain about fake profiles, and about the support being completely inactive in solving this issue.

Thus, it is important to be careful and report any suspicious profiles and actions.

2. How can I install the Aimerworld app?

The mobile version can be downloaded only if you have an Android operating system.

Enter the Google Play Store and look for Aimerworld.

3. How can I delete my account?

You can do this easily by going to “My Account”, to “Account Status”, then “View Account Status”.

After this, click on “More account status changes” and then on “Remove my profile. That is it.

Overall Rating

This dating site gets the overall grade of 3.5/5 and we are quite satisfied with is features.

It is one of the completely free dating sites, really interactive, with good design, mobile app, and a large user base which makes up for any downfalls, such as fake profiles, which are present in every dating app.

2. LuvFree.com

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 70


Signing up – 4.5/5

Making Contact – 4.5/5

Profile Quality – 4.5/5

Affiliate Program – 3/5

Overall Quality – 4.1/5


  • 100% free and high-quality dating service
  • Created by the man who used to work for a large dating service
  • Very safe community with active moderators a tiny number of fake profiles
  • Mobile version


  • Fake profiles are still present
  • Women are present much more than men


LuvFree.com was created 11 years ago and has grown from a tiny free dating service that was moderated by one man to a huge dating service that attracts thousands of people from all around the world.

Its creator is a software engineer named Fredor Kovalenko who used to work for a large dating service in 2006 and whose task was to create automated messages that were then sent to men from fake female accounts.

He was appalled by this and decided to make his service which would always be free for everyone, and very safe.

The majority of its users come from the US, Canada and the UK, just like in many other dating sites, however, there is a large portion of Filipino, Russian and Chinese users who are in pursuit of love.

LuvFree.com welcomes everyone, no matter whether they are looking for romance, friendships, same-sex or heterosexual connections.

Most of the users belong to the 25-34 and then to the 35-44 age group.

A slight fall is, however, a much larger number of female users, which is either perfect or slightly inadequate depending if you are looking for males or females. 

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

LuvFree.com is very easy to use both desktop and mobile versions.

Both versions are perfectly compatible and offer the same features and experience.

This means that you can either enjoy it at home on your computer or have fun and keep in touch on the go.

There is only an Android version of the app at the moment, but Fedor is set to creating the IOS version as well, due to the high demand for his dating site.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 71

Besides its simple and straightforward design, this app offers many interesting features, making it extremely useful, especially when taking the fact that it is 100% free into consideration.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 72

If you decide to register, you will most likely be pleased to see that the process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

You will be asked the most basic information to create your profile.

But you will also be able to complete optional questionnaires to offer even more information about yourself. 

Navigating the website is quite easy as everything is clearly labeled, however, in case you can’t seem to find your way there is a 24/7 support that is quite helpful and always present.

Another very important thing is the high level of safety on LuvFree.com.

Mr. Fedor is especially concerned about this matter and because of this has dozens of people working as moderators and overlooking profiles and photos.

In case that anyone violates community rules and guidelines, their profile gets deleted which contributes to everyone’s sense of safety.

Because moderators are looking at profiles carefully, make sure to not lie, because if they see anything suspicious, your profile will get banned from the network.

Since there is a large user base and a very friendly and safe community, there are hundreds of testimonials from users who had an amazing time there and who met someone special.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 73

When it comes to searching for people you can search based on different criteria – mobile, city, age, religion, education, physical appearance, etc.

Messaging is, as well as everything else free, so feel free to do it with whomever you wish.

Besides talking to people one-on-one you can visit forums, blogs, numerous chatrooms, or have fun with picture rating services.


1. Does LuvFree have a premium version with more features?

No, this dating website is 100% free and always will be, because it doesn’t create revenue off of its users, but off of ads on the website.

So, don’t worry about having to add your credit card.

2. Is LuvFree legit?

It is, it has been on the market for 13 years now and its user base has been growing continuously, not only in the US but around the world as well.

3. How can I delete my account?

If you’ve found someone cute or simply don’t want to be on the website anymore, you can go to the “My Panel” page, then click on “manage Profile” and then select the “Delete profile” button.


Overall Rating

If you wish to enjoy a completely free, yet, highly functional dating service, with many users from around the globe, who mostly look for a serious commitment, and yet feel very safe online, then LuvFree.com does show as a good choice.

It gets an overall grade od 4.1/5 due to the very good quality and a slight number of downfalls.

3. LoveAwake

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 74


Signing up – 3/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 2.5/5

Affiliate Program – 2/5

Overall Quality – 3.2/5


  • International user base with people from many countries
  • 1.5 million members
  • The very easy registration process
  • Advice and guides for dating


  • Fake accounts are present
  • Profiles are public and even non-members can view them


Loveawake is an international, completely free dating service that will help you meet new people from all over the globe, that you would probably never get to know otherwise.

There are more than 1.5 million users who reside in the US, UK, and Canada primarily, but a large chunk is also in Russia, Philippines, and Brazil.

Average users fall in the 25-34 age group and most are there to find a true connection.

This even more so, since effortless hookups require much effort in case you are not from the same country.

Male to female ration is 40:60, which is good news for both genders since none is largely outnumbered.

We got the impression that a lot of women who come from the 2nd and 3rd world countries are quite poor (they state that clearly) and are in the pursuit of love and meaningful connection, but better living standard and lifestyle are on the top of their list as well.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 75

Thus, if you feel tired about meeting someone in your surrounding or are sucker for cute foreigners with even cuter accents, who would come and live in your country, then loveawake could be your deal.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

Loveawake is a modern dating website that was designed by a Russian entrepreneur Slava who had already created a dating service before this one with his partner.

However, there was an ugly fall out between them and they both went separate ways.

After this, Slava decided to give it another shot and came up with Loveawake.

When you look at its front page, it looks very modern and sleek, offering a very good impression.

However, once you look at the profiles, the design falls short of being that modern, as they look pretty basic and even outdated.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 76

If you still feel intrigued and wish to register, the process is quite fast and easy.

Once you fill out the registration form on the homepage and add the basic info, such as your name, country, and city where you are located, email, password, user name, and birthday, there will be a second step.

It will ask for more detailed info about your physical appearance, such as height, weight, hair, and eye color, then marital status, religion, ethnicity, etc.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 77

Once you are registered you can browse for people and enjoy several interesting features.

Some of them are the ability to see only people who verified their accounts via SMS messages, chatting anonymously, meaning that you can talk to someone without giving out any details about your profile and “attending” high-quality relationship courses that deal with advises, issues and other topics related to dating.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a mobile app, which means that you will have to either use a desktop computer or a browser on your phone.

However, the desktop version is mobile-friendly.


1. Are there any hidden fees on LoveAwake?

No, this dating website is 100% free and you can use all of the features as much as you like for as long as you like.

If anyone messages you saying that something needs to be paid, that is a scam, no matter how real it may seem.

2. Are there fake accounts on LoveAwake?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

There is a high number of fake profiles that people complain about.

This is often a big problem for 100% free dating websites, as they often don’t have the best technical support, or just seem to not want to deal with it seriously.

3. What are the e-courses that are offered on LoveAwake?

This is the favorite feature according to many reviews of this dating website.

Loveawake paired with a famous dating coach Roy Biancalana and created “state-of-the-art” e-courses that serve to help users with any question they may have about dating, approaching someone, starting the conversation, asking for a date, flirting, etc.

Overall Rating

LoveAwake gets an overall grade of 3.2/5, which is pretty decent for a completely free dating service.

Many of this kind offer poor features and receive even poorer reviews, but this one can offer quite a good experience.

Features are interesting, profiles look decent, the search engine functions properly and e-course is very well designed and quite helpful.

Just make sure to be careful about scammers and fake profiles and sharing any personal information. 

4. TruMingle

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 78


Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 4/5

Affiliate Program – 2/5

Overall Quality – 3.2/5


  • 3D City Virtual Environment
  • Optional coin purchase for additional features
  • Profiles are not visible to non-members
  • SSL encryption for credit card protection


  • Website may lag
  • There are ads all over the website


Trumingle is a dating service created back in 2015, making it 5 years old today.

It was created to be an international dating service, available in many countries around the world.

 Its userbase comprises thousands of people, but their number depends on what country you live in and whether you live in a rural or urban area.

So, it can easily happen that you live somewhere where there just isn’t a lot of people who use this network, especially if you look for the ones who live quite close to you.

Trumingle welcomes users of all sexual preferences – straight, gays and lesbians and no matter if you wish to date, chat, or just meet new people and exchange stories, all kinds of people can be found.

Most are, however in the pursuit of a relationship and hope to find someone online.

The userbase is quite “young” and average members are between 20 and 25 years old, however, even younger and older age groups are on there as well.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 79

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

When it comes to this app’s functionality and ease of use, we are happy to say it is quite functional and simple to navigate.

It has a wonderful, modern, and colorful design that can even be customized according to your preferences, which is an even bigger plus.

Profiles are clearly stated, menus well labeled with large fonts, and being online simply makes you feel good, compared to other outdated dating services.

Trumingle also has a mobile app, for Android only, however, which is a very nice bonus that makes communication much faster and comfortable.

If you wish to give Trumingle a go, you will see that there is a very fast and simple registration process.

Besides using the regular registration form, you can also register via several social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and others.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 80

You will be asked to answer some basic questions about your name, location, birthday, and other facts that are common for dating sites.

You will also need to verify your e-mail address which was created to fight fake profiles.

In addition to this, you need to upload at least one photo to your account.

If you don’t have a photo nor verified e-mail, you won’t be able to see other people’s accounts, not enjoy the website and its features. 

When it comes to features, we found them quite helpful and interesting!

First of all, you can use the basic search based on gender, age, photo only, online now status, and whether you would like to make friends, chat, or date. For more advanced search there are additional 3 search filters.

 Secondly, there is a feature that isn’t seen on almost any other dating sites – Sims-like 3D virtual world where you have your character that interacts with other members in the virtual city.

This way online communication can feel more like the in-person one and it can be especially fun for all the members who love playing games.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 81

Besides all of the free functions that you can use as much as you like without having to pay for anything, three additions can be purchased by using virtual coins that you can get by paying for them.

Now, we repeat, these are 100% optional features, and not using them doesn’t affect the experience in any way!

Here is the price:

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 82


1. Does Trumingle have an app version?

Yes, there is an app available for the phones with the Android operating system that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

2. Is Trumingle completely free?

Yes, it is a 100% free dating services, all of the features can be accessed for free and used limitlessly.

However, several features can be bought by purchasing in-app coins, such as highlighting your profile.

3. How can I delete my account?

You can do it quite easily, by following these steps.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 83

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a modern, bright, and colorful dating service with an innovative approach, such as the one Trumingle has with its virtual city world and would like to try it out, then you should give this app a go.

Thanks to the above-mentioned features, but also downfalls, such as not having enough members in certain areas and slight lagging, it gets an average grade of 3.2/5.

5. YouDate.net

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 84


Signing up – 2/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 3/5

Affiliate Program – 1/5

Overall Quality – 2.5/5


  • Very easy to register
  • Completely free
  • International userbase
  • Highly detailed profiles


  • No e-mail verification and a large number of fake profiles
  • Highly outdated design


YouDate.net is practically a fossil in the ocean of different dating services. It was created way back in 2002, making it 18 years old.

Not only that it is quite old, but it also looks quite antique.

Let us say it right away – if you are a sucker for modern, sleek and colorful dating sites that inspire you to be on there, don’t even bother with this one, as it will make your eyes hurt.

Its design is poor and seems as if it hadn’t been changed since the good old 2002.

It was made to welcome all kinds of people of different wishes, ages, sexual preferences, which we love!

There are members from all over the globe who are looking for the significant other on YouDate.net.

In the registration form, you state that your age is anywhere between 18 and 99, meaning that literally, anyone is welcome.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

When it comes to using the features and their functionality, we can say that they are “okay”.

There isn’t a mobile app, however, nor a mobile-friendly version, the latter being pretty unacceptable nowadays.

This means that you are pretty much left with the desktop version.

Once (better said if) you decide to join this network you will see an antique-looking registration form on the right-hand side of the welcome page.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 85

We filled it out to see how things work and there are two things we realized.

It does take less than a minute, which is great, however, we were more concerned with the following message after completing it.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 86

This means that everyone gets the same “special gesture” and is approved right away and it is scary.

Who knows how many thousands of fake profiles are there because there isn’t any form of verification?

We also added a fake profile photo to see what happens and got the message that it is under review.

This is good news because there are moderators who make sure there isn’t any explicit content, such as nudity, nor cartoon characters on the photos.

Once you finish this, you will be able to organize your profile and answer a lot of questions divided into 5 categories.

This is a very good feature, on the other hand, because it lets people filter you easier, and shows that the website isn’t that outdated in every section.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 87

Whenever you start browsing members you can use any of these criteria in your search to find people similar to you and it can be quite helpful.

However, some search filters lag and don’t work properly depending on which one you use.

Other features include international dating page, where you can select a specific country, success stories, tips for the first date, report users page, etc.

You can also messages for free, flirt, like profiles and photos, see who liked you, and get all kinds of notifications, which altogether offers a decent user experience.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 88


1. Is YouDate.net completely free without hidden fees?

Yes, it is 100% free and you can enjoy all of the features as much as you like, however long you like.

2. How can I delete my profile?

In case you are tired of online dating or wish to leave the network for any reason, you should scroll any page down to the bottom of any page, where you will see the option “delete my profile”.

3. Do I need to answer all the questions about myself?

No, you don’t. The questions are optional and there to help others get a fuller picture of who you are and help people find you easier in case details about you match their search. 


After registering and seeing how YouDate.net work, it received an overall grade 2.5/5.

If you don’t care about the design and potential fake profiles that may contact you, but just wish to have fun and meet new people, this site could work out for you.

6. BookofMatches.com

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 89


Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 4/5

Affiliate Program – 3.5/5

Overall Quality – 3.7/5


  • 100% free dating site without hidden fees
  • Great privacy options
  • “Quality Membership Score” that shows how active members are
  • Video Chat option


  • Smaller userbase
  • No app version


BookofMatches.com is a dating service created for the American, Australian, UK, and Canadian markets only.

Not only that it is a dating service that helps people find romantic relationships, it is also created with the purpose to help people find friends.

Thus, you can look for different kinds of relationships on there-casual, friendships, long-term, people for dating, etc.

It welcomes people of all sexual preferences – straight, gay, or lesbian and there is no prejudice on there.

Thus, if this is a dealbreaker for you, it’s good to know that this network offers a diverse member pool.

There are thousands of members but there aren’t precise statistics and the number of users will depend on where you live since you can search for them based on your location. 

The smallest parameter is up to 50km from you, so if you live in a rural area, don’t expect to find more than a few people.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 90

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

When you take a first look at this dating site you can’t help but think how outdated it looks, and probably far from appealing to many potential members.

 However, on the bright side, it offers helpful features, and they are 100% free and functional. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app that you can use once you join, so you will have to stick with chatting from your home or with entering the site via your browser when you are away.

Once you decide to register you will first have to add basic information, like always – your name, username, email, and password and then gender, ethnicity, religion, birthday, relationship status, location, and physical traits.

There are also extra essay questions that are optional but tend to be quite helpful.

They ask about your personality, qualities you look for in a partner, what the perfect date would look like, etc.

After this, you can add up to 3 photos to your profile and 14 in your scrapbook.

Now, the scrapbook is the section of your profile whose visibility you can customize.

Either everyone can see it, or your friends only.

The friends section is similar to your favorites list, however, friends can access more options on your profile, than people from your favorites list.

There are also various ways of communicating, such as flirting, instant messaging, taking part in forums, or video calling.

BOM takes good of the privacy matter and offers several helpful options, such as reporting inappropriate photos, blocking members, turning off instant messages, making your profile invisible, blocking emails from members who don’t meet certain age criteria, etc.

When it comes to searching for members, you can do it by location, gender, age-range, relationship status, and other criteria.


1. Is BookofMatches.com 100% free?

Yes, unlike other dating sites that have hidden fees, this one offers 100% free features and will never ask for your credit card details.

2. Can I adjust my profile visibility?

Yes, in case you don’t wish that other members see your profile for a certain period, you can adjust this setting in “Options” in the “My Profile” section.

3. Who can see my photos?

The profile photos, where you can add up to 3 of them will be seen by all members, however, you can add more of them in your Scrapbook and adjust visibility to friends only, or all members as well.


Thanks to its great features and amazing value that it offers to its members for free, Bookofmtaches gets an overall grade od 3.7/5 and presents a safe and interesting environment for you to meet new people.

7. JumpDates.com

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 91


Signing up – 2.5/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 3/5

Affiliate Program – 2/5

Overall Quality – 2.9/5


  • Dating network for serious relationships and long-term commitments
  • Profile questions to help people get to know you better
  • Forum with various topics where people communicate with each other
  • 100% free dating service


  • There isn’t a mobile app
  • Ads are present


Jumpdates.com was founded in 2001 and is one of the oldest dating services on the internet that is still fully functional, and most importantly completely free.

With it, you don’t have to worry that you will be limited to only some features and that you will eventually have to add your credit card information.

It welcomes members of all ethnicities, religions, and sexual preferences, making it a pleasant environment for all kinds of desires. 

Even though some people look for casual encounters and no-attachment chatting, this website is primarily created to serve people who look for a serious commitment.

On average, users fall in the 25-34 age group and are ready to settle after years of having fun or looking for someone special.

There are thousands of users, along with some fake profiles that no dating site can put a stop to completely, but there isn’t precise information on what the exact number of members is.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 92

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

When it comes to its features and functionality, we are pleased to say that every option on this website functions properly and there aren’t any bugs.

When it comes to the registration process, it is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require too much information.

You will have to add your name, birthday, location, zip code, ethnicity, gender, email, and create a username and password.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 93

Email verification doesn’t exist, which is a bit concerning and raises the question about the number of fake profiles, but we have seen this “issue” on many other dating sites as well, so are pretty much used to it in free services such as this one.

After you are finished with this initial step you can start enjoying the features and look for members who will hopefully catch your eye.

You can search by selecting different criteria that matter to you the most, whether it be the age range, gender, location, body type, the fact that they smoke or drink, practice a certain religion, etc.

And you can also save the search parameters, so you don’t have to adjust them every single time you wish to look for new members.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 94

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app, but the website is mobile-friendly and functions perfectly both on your phone, tablet, computer, or any other device.

Regarding the privacy, we must say that your profile is public, and anyone who visits the website may see it, without any way of hiding it from non-members.

 It’s good to keep this in mind in case you don’t wish for anyone to know that you plan to date online.

You may also encounter fake profiles, that are more or less present everywhere, but here especially since there isn’t an e-mail verification.

However, there shouldn’t be any explicit content, because moderators do look at photos and need to approve of them.


1. How can I delete my profile?

In case you don’t wish to be present on JumpDates.com anymore, you can easily delete your account by clicking on “My Home” and then on “Account Settings” where you will see the option just like in the photo below.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 95

2. Is JumpDates.com an old dating site?

The answer is yes, it was founded in 2001 and has been in use ever since. However, it works very well and has moderators who make sure users are satisfied.

3. Does Jumpdate.com have many ads?

This web service is completely free for its users but earns revenue through ads that are shown on it. You will see them on every page, but hopefully, they won’t bother you a lot.


This 19-year old dating website is completely free and offers fully functional features, but there is some work to be done.

The final verdict says that it gets an overall grade of 2.9/5.

Freemium Dating Sites

The second section of this monster review is dedicated to Freemium dating sites.

This means that they offer both free and paid membership that includes additional features.

It’s important to say that the free version enables a high-quality experience and basic features, such as messaging, liking other profiles, flirting, adding to the list of favorites, and other options depending on the website.

The premium version offers even more features, such as no ads, more likes/swipes, other means of communicating, sending virtual gifts, deciding what information from your profile is shown, and so on.

The premium version, along with ads is the revenue stream of these dating websites and they tend to encourage you to purchase it, even though there often isn’t a need for it. 

Here is the list of the best freemium dating websites in the USA.

1. Tinder

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 96


Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 4.5/5

Profile Quality – 4/5

Affiliate Program – 5/5

Overall Quality – 4.5/5


  • The biggest userbase in the world
  • Very fun and easy to use
  • Quick registration
  • Anonymous – no one knows if you swiped left on their profile


  • Encourages compulsive use
  • Fake profiles are present and easy to make


Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world and there almost isn’t a person who hasn’t heard of it, with thousands of people joining it daily.

Its user base consists of more than 57 million members who live in 190 countries, while the app is available in 40 languages.

Tinder was created in 2012 and it soon became one of the most downloaded apps thanks to its fun and easy way to use.

When it comes to the age distribution, it is much more popular among teenagers and young adults than older groups. Around 38% of users are between 16 and 24 and 45% between 25 and 34 years old.

76% of all users live in urban areas, which makes it extremely easy to find interesting people, especially in countries where it is extremely popular, such as the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, India, etc.

Thus, if you live in a rural area, it might prove to be difficult to find a large pool of users, especially if you look for them quite close to you.

Over the years Tinder has acquired a certain reputation as the dating service for hookups since there is a lot of young people who look for fun and casual dating.

However, many people, especially slightly older ones join to find someone serious.

The reputation also varies between the countries, so you can also ask around and see what your friends say about Tinder.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

Using Tinder is extremely easy and anyone with any technical background can get used to in within hours.

 It was developed as an app that is available for both iPhones and Android phones, while only a small number of users enjoy its features on a desktop computer.

If you decide to register there are only a few fields that you need to fill out, verify your e-mail address, and add a profile photo and you are good to go.

The design is very modern, sleek, and colorful.

It seems pretty alluring, inspiring you to spend time on it, which many people do for hours every day.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 97

Besides adding your name, email, photo, location, and a password there is a free space for a short bio – a brief description of who you are, or what you like.

There are hundreds of websites that give ideas for fun and cute bios and make a business of it.

Once you are finished, you can start looking for people and there are only a few criteria you can apply -age range, distance from your location, and gender.

Everything else is off the table and it is up to you to find other details and make up your mind about the person.

The whole point is to go through profiles and either swipe left, which means you dislike someone and want to move on or swipe right, meaning you would like to match.

If your profile gets shown to that person and they like you back, you will get matched and will be able to start the conversation.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 98

Besides disliking and liking (which is anonymous, unless mutual) there is an option for you to Super Like (blue star) someone which will be shown on your profile if it gets displayed to that person.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 99

Premium Version

Even though the free version will let you do all of the above-mentioned things, there are two premium memberships – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold which will give you even more options.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 100

Some of the features are:

  • Rewind – go back to the last profile
  • Unlimited Likes – approximately 100 right swipes are allowed daily
  • See who likes you – You don’t have to guess with this feature
  • Boost – make your profile much more shown to others


The following photo shows the pricing plans for both types of premium membership.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 101


1. When are people the most active on Tinder?

According to various Tinder statistics, most matches occur in the morning between 9 am and 11 am, when people are going to work or relaxing before their day starts.

2. How many matches have been made on Tinder?

From launching in 2012 until today, 2020, more than 20 billion matches have been made worldwide.

3. Can I downgrade from Tinder Gold to Tinder Plus?

Of course, once your Tinder Gold expires you will be able to switch to Tinder Gold.

If you signed up with your Apple ID you can do it by clicking Settings > Your name > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions > Tinder.


If you wish to have fun, meet new friends or romantic partners, swipe through profiles and try the most popular dating app in the world, Tinder deserves your attention.

Thanks to its great features it gets an overall grade of 4.5/5.

2. OkCupid

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 102


Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 5/5

Affiliate Program – 5/5

Overall Quality – 4.5/5


  • Complete identification – 22 gender and 13 sexual orientation options
  • More than 50 million users worldwide
  • 5000 in-app personality questions to filter members better
  • Well-functioning free version


  • There are ghost and fake profiles
  • A small number of users in rural areas


OkCupid is one of the most popular apps in the world and the 5th most used in the US after Tinder and several other ones.

As of 2020, it counts more than 50 million users, thanks to which it offers a huge and highly diverse user pool.

OkCupid is the very first dating service to offer 22 gender and 13 sexual orientations, which is pretty unbelievable.

This means that anyone, no matter how different and up until now unable to identify themselves, can now do it thanks to this network.

On average, there are around 100.000 members who are online at any moment, especially in countries where OkCupid is used the most – USA, Canada, and the UK.

When it comes to age, the majority of users who reside in the US are between 18 and 29 and then between 30 and 44 years old.

OkCupid is pretty popular among people who strive to find someone for a more serious relationship, and around 10% of them were looking for the same sex one in 2017.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

The OkCupid creators made this network with the idea to make something interesting, without boring questions and for all the members who are tired of the same messages, conversations, and dumb questionnaires.

As if anyone were going to answer with a “yes” to the question “do you cheat?”.

Opposed to this, they have come up with more than 5000 questions that are more than interesting and super attractive, almost making you not stop answering them.

 Some of them are “Would you rather share a kiss in a tent or a kiss in Paris?” or “Would you rather go to a music festival or sporting event?”

Both your, and the potential partner’s answers to your questions are what the algorithm takes into the account when searching for the best matches for you.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 103

If you decide to register, you will need 5-10 minutes for the process, as you will have to answer several questions that enable the algorithm to function properly.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 104

You will also need to verify your email address, which is part of the network’s safety policy.

Once you are finished you can start looking for people and have fun!

When you find someone you can message them for free, however, there is a catch.

Before people used to message each other a lot and even spam, which is why a change was made. 

Now, even though you can message someone, they will see what you said only if they like you back.

As we have said, the free version is fully functioning, and some of the features are: searching for matches, seeing the search results, sending and receiving likes, and sending and receiving messages.

There app versions for both iPhones and Android phones, so you can have fun and keep in touch on the go.

Premium Version

There are two premium versions: A-list and Premium A-List.

The first one includes no ads, seeing who has liked you before you’ve liked them and unlimited likes, while the latter offers all of that plus one automatic boost to your profile per day, seeing and being seen by more attractive matches and several other features.


As you can see, this is another network that offers both the highly functioning free version and also a premium membership that gives you additional perks and helps improve your dating game.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 105


1. Can I get a refund for any unused time of my subscription?

Unfortunately, OkCupid doesn’t offer any refunds, for any reason.

2. What is Double Take?

This is a feature similar to Tinder that lets you look at possible matches thanks to the algorithms that finds them for you, where you can play the swiping game.

3. What is a Boost?

Boost is a premium feature that automatically causes your profile to be seen by many more people than it normally would be, and this happens in the “prime time” when people in your area are most active.


OkCupid is one of the best choices for anyone who wished to meet new people, especially if they look for other genders and sexualities.

It offers highly functioning free features and decently-priced premium memberships. Thanks to great perks and a nice design it gets an overall grade of 4.5/5.

3. Plenty of Fish

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 106


Signing up – 5/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 5/5

Affiliate Program – 5/5

Overall Quality – 4.7/5


  • Free online personality assessment
  • Automatic sign out after being inactive for some time
  • A lot of free fully functional features
  • Anti-robot verification to fight bots


  • The free version has a lot of adds
  • No photo verification feature


POF was first created in 2003, which means this dating service is pretty old, however, compared to other ones of the same or even “younger” age, this network keeps getting updates and has an amazing design.

Recently it has even got a brand new, fresher looking logo.

It is present worldwide and claims to have 90 million users, which would make it the biggest dating network ever.

The US only has millions of users, as the largest user of this dating app.

Every day there are more than 2 million logins of different people.

Users have different ages, but the biggest percentage is between 25 and 34 years old.

There is a good ratio of men and women – 60:40, making it the chances of meeting the other gender pretty good and equal.

POV is available in 11 languages and many countries, making international dating pretty doable and easy to happen in the case that is what you are looking for.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

POV is very easy to use and quite interesting as well. The proof of this is that it was downloaded 73 million times between 2014 and 2019.

 It is also ranked as the 9th of all dating apps in the Google Play Store and App Store together when it comes to the revenue stream in May 2020.

The app is available in the AppStore, Google Play Store, and Windows store, and more than 75% of the time spent on this network is done via mobile devices and apps.

The app version is also much better designed and simpler than the desktop version that feels overwhelming.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 107

Registering for Plenty of Fish is an easy process, however, it takes slightly longer than with other dating apps.

It requires basic information such as your name, age, gender, location, email, and username, but also your education level, type of relationship you seek, types of property you own, asks about your ambition, education level, desire to have children, etc.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 108

The goal of this app is not to just get a member fast and collect them without much effort, but to encourage you to fill out your profile, so the algorithm can find the best potential matches.

When it comes to searching for members, they offer more than extensive criteria that can let you see members who are amazing potential matches.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 109
100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 110

Once you find someone interesting you can message them for free.

Another way to get matches is by completing the “chemistry predictor” a feature that takes your and the other party’s answers to dozens of questions and creates the chemistry, needs, and psychological assessment and a “keeper” and “sex” test.

Thanks to this the best potential matches are made.

Profiles are very informative with enough details that enable you to create a fuller picture of who the person is in real life.

You can find out about their parents, siblings, length of the longest relationship, and see up to 8 photos.

Other features that are enabled in the free version besides looking at profiles and messaging are seeing matches who have liked you, look at “my matches” and “recommended” section, look at members who are online or nearby, and several other things.

Premium Version

Like most other apps, POV also earns its revenue from both ads and the premium version.

The paid version offers more features such as viewing users’ extended profiles, no ads, viewing whether the message has been read, sending gifts to other members, standing out in the search results, etc.


In the photo below you can look at the pricing details and as you can see, the payment can be made through credit card or Paypal.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 111


1. Is Plenty of Fish a hook-up dating site?

There isn’t a precise answer, since people are encouraged to state what kind of relationship exactly, they seek, and that may be a hook-up.

However, arranging your profile and answering questions takes much time, and usually people who hope to meet someone seriously take their time to do it as best as they can.

2. Can I use the site without signing up?

No, you need to create an account, at least the free one to enjoy the community and its features.

3. How can profiles be verified?

There is an SMS verification method that helps the website fight spammers and scammers.


Plenty of Fish is a pretty serious dating service with a really good algorithm and a matching system, which makes it perfect for people who hope to meet someone serious and who wish to take the time of their days and look for significant others.

The overall grade is 4.7/5.

4. Badoo

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 112


Signing up – 3/5

Making Contact – 4/5

Profile Quality – 2.5/5

Affiliate Program – 3.5/5

Overall Quality – 3.5/5


  • The fully functional free version
  • Very simple to use
  • Video chat option once members have connected via messages
  • App version for all Oss


  • Easy to create fake profiles
  • Bought credits expire after only six months and can’t be refunded


Badoo is a dating service created in November 2006 by a Russian businessman Andrey Andreev.

It became popular thanks to Facebook quizzes and games, after which it became an independent dating site.

It separates itself from other dating websites thanks to identifying itself as a “social media network” and not a dating site.

It is pretty laid back and welcomes anyone who wishes to chat, meet friends, or date and seek a relationship.

There are millions of users worldwide, 12 million being from the US only.

Thanks to this large number you can easily find people who have the same wishes as yours.

Even though there are a lot of Americans, Badoo is highly popular in Europe and millions of members reside in various countries on this continent.

Men to women ratio are 60:40 which makes connections even easier.

It is much more popular among younger users who belong to the 18-24 age group and then those who are between 25 and 34 years old.

Most people on Badoo are laid back, as already mentioned, and look for casual texting and non-serious commitment, which can be seen pretty much right away.

However, we mustn’t forget about those who are there for serious reasons and hope to find a long-term commitment.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

Badoo is extremely easy to use, which we like.

From the very first moment of entering the app and registering you can see that everything requires just a few steps and the fun can start.

First of all, you can you the desktop version, but also the app ones, that are free to download on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

Both versions offer very good and modern design, with clear labels and easy navigation.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 113
100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 114

The very first thing you will have to do is register, of course, which takes just a few moments and can be done even faster by using your other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, etc.

You will be asked to give your name, birthday, location, gender, and the purpose of your presence on the network.

After this, you will have to verify your account and add a photo.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 115

In case you don’t wish to add a photo, you should know that the features are limited to profiles without one and you can’t verify your account without it.

When you do so, you will still have to verify it and get a blue checkmark on your profile.

In case you don’t wish to fill out questionnaires, nor spend much of your time on customizing your profile, the good news is that these options aren’t even available and you start searching for people without any further hassle.

The search criteria are pretty basic and resemble those on Tinder (even though Tinder is a “younger” app)

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 116

Once you get the search results you can play a game similar to the Tinder’s swiping, where you can press heart and like someone or click on X and move on.

Once you find someone cute you can message them for free limitlessly, however, you need to have a profile photo to do so. That is the only limitation.

Also, if you haven’t matched with someone, you can send only up to two messages to them.

Profiles are pretty scarce with information and to encourage people to add it, Badoo has come up with a profile scoring system called Badoo Encounters.

Over there, people rate each other’s profiles, and the higher the score, the more visibility their profile gets.

All in all, Badoo is pretty chill and fun to use, but it’s obvious it takes privacy and safety measures quite seriously.

Premium Version

Aside from the free version that enables pretty well functioning basic services, there is a premium version as well.

It lets you see who liked you, who put you on their favorites list, browse through the site anonymously, increase your popularity, give gifts, and several other options.


In the picture below you can look at the premium membership prices, along with the prices of coins that let you complete in-app purchases, such as virtual gifts.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 117


1. What are Badoo Secret Awards?

They are secret badges that you get for certain achievements, such as having the highest profile score or having the most connections.

They aren’t shown on your profile publicly, however.

2. What is Badoo Live?

This feature lets you host live streams or look at the live streams of other members and comment on them.

3. What is the Crush feature?

If you decide to send a Crush to someone, it means you wish to show them how much you like them.

It is something like a Super Like on Tinder.


In case you live in Europe and hope to meet people who live nearby, or at least on this continent, have fun, exchange stories and even form a relationship, or grade profiles and message carelessly, Badoo can be a pretty fun choice for that market, and also a safe one, with an overall grade of 3.5/5

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 118


Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 4.5/5

Profile Quality – 4/5

Affiliate Program – 4/5

Overall Quality – 4.2/5


  • Profiles are not searchable and users can’t feel pressured to always look for new members
  • Women have the final say and pick whether the communication will start
  • Women outnumber men with the ratio 60:40
  • Fully functioning free version


  • A limited number of suggested matches daily
  • The dating pool is made up of friends of friends through Facebook and it may get awkward


Coffee Meets Bagel was launched in 2012 by three sisters from San Francisco and the main goal was to give more value to quality than quantity and to let women choose and have the final word.

Their hashtag is #LadiesChoice that says a lot about this dating service.

There are millions of users, more precisely 21 million in New York, Hong Kong, and other metropolitan areas that are the primary target market.

Coffee Meets Bagel targets young professionals who are between 21 and 35 years old and who look for a quality relationship.

A proof of this is the fact that there have been 25 million dates and 120 marriages thanks to this dating service.

Most men and women look for intellect, physical attraction, and common interest, while women have the final say.

We will go over this.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

Using this app is pretty easy, especially when knowing that this isn’t a classic dating site where you search for new members non-stop.

Here, men have given 21 potential female matches – bagels each day, and they can either like them or pass, for which they have 24 hours only.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 119

Between all the men who have liked a certain woman, the algorithm uses the information from her Facebook account and considers everything to filter the best potential matches from that male pool.

Women are then presented with only 6 matches per day.

If she likes the man as well, they will be able to communicate, but for 8 days only.

This was done to encourage real-life encounters.

If you decide to register, you will see that the process is quite simple.

Just add your name, birthday, email, location, username, ethnicity, religion, occupation, and other basic info, and you are almost done.

Also, you are supposed to answer several questions regarding who you are, what you like, etc, and upload photos that can be automatically added from Facebook as well.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 120

Besides getting the matches, people can explore members in the Discover section, however, those are the members whose preferences and traits differ from yours and who weren’t taken into the consideration as the best candidates.

These profiles change every single day and one needs to act fast if they like someone.

 To like someone from that section your need to use the in-app coins called Beans that you receive by being active or by purchasing them.

Premium Version

The premium version lets you see if your message has been read, gives you 6000 beans monthly, 5 free takes (likes for the Discovery page), 15% more beans on each purchase, and other perks.


Here is the price for the premium version and the price for the beans.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 121
100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 122


1. Where is Coffee Meets Bagel available?

It is available in any country in the world and there are app versions for every operating system, however, the user base is not as large compared to other huge dating services.

2. Is CMB a hookup site?

Even though there probably are people who look for this type of connection, the goal is to inspire more serious and deeper relationships among members.

3. How does the Coffee Meets Bagel algorithm work?

It primarily takes information from your Facebook account (likes, mutual friends, your views, etc), and based on it understands your preferences.

It then created a social graph by looking at friends of friends of friends from your friends list and creates potential matches.


If you’ve been longing for dating services made for women primarily, where you don’t have to spend much time looking for people, but get served great potential matches daily and do all of it in a well-designed app and a safe environment, joining this app should be a no brainer.

Thanks to its great features it gets an overall grade of 4.2/5.

 6. Happn

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 123


Signing up – 4/5

Making Contact – 3/5

Profile Quality – 3/5

Affiliate Program – 2.5/5

Overall Quality – 3.2/5


  • You have a chance to meet someone close by
  •  Very easy to set up and use
  • Dates are quite easy to arrange because you probably work or live in the same area
  • Well-functioning free version


  • There isn’t a regular search option
  • Matches are based on the proximity only and profiles are scarce with information


Happn is a pretty different dating app than the rest and it was launched in 2014 with one goal – to help you meet that cute stranger that had just gone passed you.

The whole point is to let people know with whom they have crossed paths and show profiles that are up to 250m away.

Thus, there isn’t any specific demographic group of a certain age, income, ethnicity, etc. that is targeted by this website.

The person whose profile you are shown can be anyone, the neighbor you already know, and who is on Happn, someone who works in your neighborhood or a foreigner who is just walking through your street.

There are, however, 50 million users worldwide who wish to see who is located near them.

A lot of users are from the US, around 10% of the whole userbase, while there are a lot of them from India, Brazil, and other countries as well.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

If you decide to join this network the registration process and navigation through it are quite fast and easy.

You can register by using your Facebook account and allowing the app to access it.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 124

The only information you need to add is your name, date of birth, and gender and whether you wish to meet men, women, or both.

Anything else, such as education and bio are optional, but not required.

There isn’t a profile verification, which is slightly concerning.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 125

After this your profile is ready and you will start seeing profiles of the people who crossed paths with you, and there will also be a Happn map that shows where it happened.

When you like a certain member from the list and they do the same, the “crush” is made and you can start to communicate and meet in person.

Besides waiting for someone to like you back, you can look at the list of the people who sent you a “like” and fast forward the process by doing the same if interested.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 126
100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 127
100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 128

Profiles aren’t filled with information, and this is a slight downfall because you can only see their picture, name, age, gender, work and education, last active date, and distance – that is all.

Spending time on the Happn app is pretty easy and fun because it is quite modern with an amazing and simple design.

Some of the fun features are Hellos and My Music Selection.

The Hello serves for the members to send them to each other and indicate they wish to talk.

Once you sign up you get 10 Hellos for free and can purchase more with the premium membership later.

My Music Selection lets you sync Happn with your Spotify account and share your music with your crush.

Premium Version

Even though the free version enables sending likes, matching, chatting, and viewing photos and profiles of other people, the premium membership offers more.

Some of the features are sending up to 10 hellos per day, being invisible, and preventing the app to track your location, adjusting what information is shown, removing ads, etc.


Here is the price of the Premium Version along with the price for the Hellos.

100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 129
100% Free Dating Sites In The USA 130


1. Can I register without using Facebook?

Yes, this can be done by using your phone number instead of Facebook.

2. How can I find people on Happn?

There are no search options, so you are supposed to wait for new profiles to appear on your timeline based on their location and several set preferences.

3. How can I communicate with someone?

The only way to start chatting is for both of you to like each other, without which no communication is possible.


Happn is a pretty interesting app that could be the answer to the sad situation that happened to all of us – there was a cute stranger who walked by and was sure we would never see them again.

Now, the chance is there again, but only if they use Happn as well.

The app gets the overall grade of 3.2/5 thanks to its neat design and good features.

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