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Dating Sites for Professionals

Hey all and welcome to my article on the best dating site for professionals!

Professional men and women these days and extremely busy people with very little time for anything outside of work, this includes socialization with family and friends and sadly even the time that is needed to meet and connect with a potential love interest.

Not to mention that success isn’t guaranteed so physically going out to a bar, club, or any other social activity in hopes of meeting someone doesn’t guarantee that you will make a connection at all.

A great place to start is to go through the reviews of the top 10 dating sites available and ensure it is right reserved for privacy sake.

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The 6 Best Business Professionals Dating Sites in 2022

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This is where the concept of online dating can become a real life-saver for these individuals as it takes the time (and stress) out of having to set aside an entire Friday night (or any night of your choosing) to go out and possibly meet someone that you can make a potential love connection with.

Well, as a professional person you need a lot of guides to get you through dating online. Our top dating guide have been used by other professionals and it is a great manual for online dating. So many professionals have success stories from applying the tips in it.

Now we can hear you thinking “yeah all of this sounds great, but I don’t even have the time to sit in front of my computer to search for a potential date, to begin with.”

Think again as there are online dating sites that will do the searching for you based on your preferences, allow you to do the searching yourself or assign a professional matchmaker to you so that they can search profiles and make sure that the selected candidates are serious about entering into a relationship.

Seems interesting?

The ideal partner for educated professionals will be likeminded people on a professional dating site where the compatibility matching system can bring them together despite their busy schedule.

Well, if you can wait to learn more, then continue reading to learn about the best dating sites for professionals that we have personally found and researched.

Be rest assured of fulfilling your career goals when you bond with the right person on apps for young professionals.

Let’s get right in and find the best dating sites for hard workers!

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Dating Sites for Professionals

Quick Peek

The contest for the best dating sites for professionals would be between and eHarmony. Both host millions of young, talented, and highly educated professionals that are well-accomplished in their various fields. Using the right search criteria, you are sure to find a potential match.


One of the best online dating sites that professional men and women can use is This is because the site is immensely popular with members of more than 20 countries in 15 different languages.

Talk about broadening your horizons. You can expect to find a broad cross-section of people on Christians, Jews, Gays, Lesbians and more. is a paid online dating site, so there is a greater possibility of meeting people who are serious about online dating, unlike free dating sites where anyone and everyone is free to create a profile.

One of the main things that make so attractive to professional men and women is their unique Platinum service.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

This is a unique service to in that it allows you to have a matchmaking professional search through your potential matches and find out if they are genuinely interested in communicating effectively with you before they hand them over to you to commence the communication phase.

For the busy professional this is a huge time saver as they don’t have to spend what little time they have on searching through countless profiles hoping to find “The One.”

Check out here to get 25% the normal price. 

Feel Free to check our review as well. This is one of the best professionals dating site currently.

#2 eHarmony

eHarmony is another excellent online dating website for the busy professional.

At first glance, this site is not very appealing to the busy professional because of the time it takes to complete their in-depth profile.

It can take you upwards of an hour to complete your eHarmony profile fully; however, once this is done, you are well on your way to receive quality matches.

Quality matches is a product of an outstanding dating profile coupled with an amazing username.

eHarmony has spent a considerable amount of time developing their match selection process, a process that they are continually boasting about. And why shouldn’t they?

One can easily argue that they have the most in-depth dating service that can be found online.

As eHarmony puts it, they are “the first relationship service to use relationship science” to develop marriage profiles and compatibility matching.

Unlike where you have the option of searching for potential matches yourself, eHarmony does the searching for you based on their patented system.

Some might argue that this is less than desirable as they have taken that all-important option away from you; however, for the professional man or woman, this can be seen as a good thing (You can see how stacks up to eHarmony here).

Eliminating this particular step is a great time saver for someone who is too busy to search for potential matches on their own.

Not to mention that eHarmony is one of the most trusted online dating sites around also attracts other professional men and women who would like to connect with like-minded people.

Elite singles seeking a millionaire match are not left out of the dating experience when using the right dating app for millionaire dating as it has premium perks attached to weed out unserious profiles as can be seen on eHarmony.

RelyID (an ID verification service) is available to weed out fake profiles on these hookup apps for single people, especially if you pay a monthly fee to enjoy exclusive benefits.

You can join eHarmony here for free to check it out.

This is quite literally a win-win situation. You can read our full eHarmony review here. This is another dating site for professionals seeking dating advice.

good dating sites

#3 Hinge

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 8

If you’ve ever wanted to try that one dating application that is literally “Designed to be Deleted”, then Hinge is what you’ve been looking for this whole time.

This motto doesn’t mean that the app is bad, and should be deleted because of that. On the contrary, the app is made to help you find your perfect match, fall in love, and then uninstall it.

Hinge has gone through several reworks since its initial release in 2012. Considering, that in 2019, Hinge became the property of one of the most commonly known dating websites,

As for the number of members, you won’t have to worry too much, since there are more than 5 million people using Hinge from all corners of the world.

However, the largest percentage of members is from the USA, over 50% of them, to be more precise, so if you live in the States, you will probably have the best chance of meeting someone on Hinge.

Also, you won’t have to worry about Hinge not having enough girls for you to choose from, since the male-female ratio is close to 0.5, meaning that the number of men and women using the app is almost the same.

When it comes to the age distribution, most Hinge members are in their mid-twenties to early-thirties, more precise between the age of 24 and 32.

Most members make pretty detailed profiles, mostly because they are looking for something more serious than a casual hook up.

You can get a glimpse of every member’s personality simply by scrolling down and reading their profile information.

Ever since took over Hinge, the design and usability have been improved, so now everything seems prettier and more comfortable to use.

You can find Hinge only on mobile phones. Sadly, the web version is not available. However, in these modern times, the smartphone is all you need for internet dating.

Even though it is not as sophisticated as some other online dating services, Hinge comes with basic features that can be found on other dating apps, such as ‘Like’, viewing other members’ profiles, and chatting with matches.

Hinge comes with a couple of features that are available only to users with a paid membership, such as ‘Who Liked Me’, which is a feature that lets you be notified when other Hinge users mark that they like your profile, and ‘We Met’, which is there to rate your date.

If your date was satisfactory, Hinge will recommend that you uninstall the app, and move on. Otherwise, you will start getting new matches.

When talking about the pricing of the premium plans, there are three possible plans for Preferred Membership with the possibility to pay for one, three, or 6 months, with the prices being respectively $9.99, $20.97, and $29.94.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, don’t hesitate to download Hinge and find your soulmate. When that happens, don’t forget to do something important, which is, of course, to uninstall the app after you find someone to date with.

#4 Bumble

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 9

At first glance, Bumble looks like a pretty common online dating app, pretty similar to Tinder. That’s because it was developed by the former Tinder employee Whitney Wolfe.

You’ll definitely notice to see that there are a lot of similarities with Tinder from the very first moment you open the app. From the welcome page to settings, everything seems familiar, if you had already used Tinder before.

However, Bumble has one feature that makes everything different than, not just Tinder, but also most other websites for online dating. I’ll reveal what it is a bit later, just to keep things interesting.

As for the number of users, there are more than 11 million users on Bumble only in the United States. Also, there are more than 700,000 new users on a monthly basis.

Now, one of the most surprising things about Bumble is that there are more female than male members using the app. To be more precise, almost 2/3rd of Bumble users are females.

If we talk about the age distribution, there are people of all ages on Bumble, but a large majority of women are in their early 20s to mid-30s, while most men are in their mid-20s to mid-30s.

Bumble users have the access to some additional options when it comes to profile editing, compared to Tinder, such as information about physical appearance, height, hobbies, interests, etc.

Apart from that, you can also write something on your own, to make your profile more interesting to other members.

Using Bumble to hook up is pretty simple, just like Tinder. Using almost every feature will feel natural. Adding photos, or changing search parameters is quite easy, so you won’t have trouble finding every option you need.

Making contact on Bumble works the same way as on Tinder. All you need to do if you like someone’s profile is to swipe right. Left if you don’t.

When both you and person on the other side of the screen swipe right, you get matched, and the real fun can begin. However, here comes the major feature that distinguishes Bumble from most other dating apps.

On Bumble, men cannot make the first move and break the ice. When you match some girl, you won’t be able to start the conversation.

Instead, women are in charge here, so only they can initiate the first contact, after which, it is all the same as on any other online dating service.

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 10

This might be a turn-off for some people, and one of the biggest reasons why there are many more women using Bumble.

However, if you think about it, this feature might actually be a good thing. No more stupid ice-breakers, no more random messages, just because you can’t think of anything to write.

Most initial features on Bumble are completely free to use, but there are a couple of special features you can try out if you buy BumbleBoost membership, or spend Bumble Credits, such as BumbleBizz, which is a perfect feature for our busy professionals, since it allows you to meet business people.

The prices vary, depending on the number of credits you want to buy, or the duration of the membership you are paying for, starting from $8.99/week.

#5 Tinder

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 11

Tinder is definitely one of the best dating applications, not just on this list, but in the entire world, since it has more than 50 million registered users, as well as around 5 million users with paid accounts.

Whether you are just looking to have some fun, to have something serious, or something else, you will definitely be able to find it on Tinder.

At first, it was a dating app only used by people whose main goal was to find other people for casual fun, but over time, it has grown, and how people use Tinder for literally everything, including just a friendly chat, or traveling advice.

Also, there is someone for everyone. Are you straight? Cool, you will find someone for you. Are you gay? Sure, there are people on Tinder for you too. Do you like something unusual? Tinder got you, don’t worry!

People literally join Tinder for everything nowadays, so you will definitely find someone who shares the same interests with you.

What’s good about Tinder is that the user base is enormous, so there are plenty of men and women alike for everyone to choose from.

However, men tend to swipe right much faster than women. To be more precise, more than five times faster.

Because of that, female members get matches much faster, which gives a false impression that there are more male users on Tinder.

Of course, considering how popular Tinder is, you have to expect to see quite a large number of bot profiles. They are easy to recognize though, so you’ll be safe.

Most bot profiles have either just one photo or several blurry photos, with no or very bland personal bio section. People usually learn to avoid these types of profiles.

Also, since nowadays you are able to connect your Instagram account to Tinder, it can help with recognizing genuine profiles.

Tinder is quite simple to use, with several pretty basic options, and simple adjustable settings, which are easy to find.

At first, Tinder appeared only as a mobile app, but nowadays it is also available in a browser version, so you can also access it via your PC.

The price starts from $27.30 for one month, going to $45.90 for 3 months, and all the way up to $73.80 for 6 months. It is possible to make payments directly via credit card, and your subscription will automatically be renewed once it expires unless you change it in the options.

Web-version comes with exactly the same features as the app. More so, you can download the app on both App Store and Google Play.

Tinder comes with some pretty basic features. It is known for its simple, but effective swiping system, where you can swipe left you if you don’t find someone appealing while swiping right if you like someone.

Apart from that, there are several other features that can help you to get more matches, such as ‘Boost’ and ‘Super Like’.

Also, if you pay for one of the two Tinder premium plans, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, you can unlock even more features, such as ‘Tinder Passport’, which allows you to change your location and try to match with people from different countries.

This formula is simple, but highly effective, especially for busy people, who don’t have too much time to hang out and meet new people. Therefore, Tinder is perfect for busy professionals.

#6 The League

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 12

Even from the name of this next website you can see that it is made for professional and career enthusiasts alike.

The League has an interesting story about how it came to life.

Anyway, the founder of The League, Amanda Bradford, came to an idea to make this project possible because of her own dating experience.

Her idea was to completely change the idea of ‘being too picky’ to ‘being self-aware’, to help you to intelligently meet new people.

What distinguishes The League from most other dating services is its very strict registration process, where only the chosen ones can get in.

It is just one of the reasons for this website to have a reputation for being one of the most exclusive online dating services out there.

First of all, there is a mandatory verification process, which can only be skipped if you pay money to become a premium member.

Verification is done by linking your Facebook or LinkedIn account. However, it doesn’t end here, since instead of letting you in, you have to go to a waitlist.

The League then go through your LinkedIn or Facebook account and do a rigorous check-up, from the number of friends/followers to your personal information, such as education and work.

Only if your profile is fit enough, you will be allowed to create a profile on The League. Or, you can pay an absurd amount of money to get a membership, which still doesn’t exclude you from the verification system. Instead, your request will be put amongst the first, and be processed on the same day.

After you’ve finally been approved, you can move on and make a profile. From there, there is nothing too different from other dating websites.

One thing that adds to the controversy of this dating service is the fact that you must provide your ethnicity, which has led to many complaints and accusations that The League is a place where racism is encouraged.

Because of this strict registration process, there is a limited number of members on The League. Therefore, the number of matches you get per day is also limited.

A good thing to know is that there are about 66% of women and 33% of men using this online dating service, so there are enough women for everyone.

To get access to some advanced features, such as League Tickets or League Groups, you will have to become a League Member or League Owner, which is quite costly in my opinion, with the price being $99 for just one month, up to $349 for a one-year membership.

You can also buy Ticket Bundles, with the prices starting from $25, up to $999, depending on the number of bundles you want to get.

The League is also available on mobile phones, and it is supported by both Android and iOS. You can download the Android version from the Google Play store, and the iOS version from the App Store.

#7 Elite Singles

Elite singles

You know how people with the same affinities tend to like each other, so it is always a good idea to be with someone who does and likes the things you do.

Professional people, aka businessmen and women, tend to be very busy, so they rarely have time to go out, have some fun, and meet someone special.

Instead, they often turn to some sort of online dating. And they are lucky because there is a place just for them.

Elite Singles is one of the best dating sites for professionals because over 75% of the people using it are serious business people or entrepreneurs.

It has over 5 million registered members just in the United States, as well as more than 1 million active members, and around 65,000 new users every week.

Based on some additional info, Elite Singles helps match up over 2,000 couples every month, so it is definitely one of the best sites to look for a serious relationship.

What’s interesting is that most male members are in their mid-twenties, to mid-thirties, while the majority of women are in the age range of 35-54. So, if you like pretty and successful older ladies, this is your place.

If we look at all numbers, we can see that more than 85% of all members are people who are over 30 years old.

Registration is simple but can be lengthy, due to the number of questions you have to answer, which helps with matching people with similar interests.

Therefore, you could say that profiles on this website are quite detailed, not just because of these questions, but also because most people who use Elite Singles are looking for a serious relationship, rather than a casual hook up, so they tend to make detailed profiles to increase the chance of getting matched.

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 13

Also, there aren’t too many fake profiles because privacy policy is very strict, and you are not allowed to see other members’ profile photos unless you pay for it.

Apart from being available as a website, Elite Singles is also available on mobile phones. You can get the Android version here, and iOS version here.

Alongside having pretty detailed profiles, Elite Singles offers quite advanced search mechanisms, allowing you to use a wide range of different options, such as location, income, height, or someone’s age.

Since Elite Singles is mostly for professionals, the majority of features are not free to use. To unlock them, you will have to get access to one of the three premium membership plans.

Frankly, they are quite expensive for my taste, but it kind of makes sense for them to be a bit more expensive than other dating websites, since Elite Singles is definitely quite safe to use, and you can really meet people who are serious about dating.

As for the free features Elite Singles offers, it is only possible to register, edit your profile, and get matches without the need to pay anything. Everything else, such as messaging, is a paid feature.

#8 Be Naughty

Dating Sites for Professionals - the busy bees! 14

Now, if all these previous websites weren’t quite for you, and you simply want to have some fun, if you know what I mean, then you should probably visit Be Naughty.

It is a dating website/app where you can skip all the pleasantries and get straight to business, and hook up with hot couples and individuals.

Most members of Be Naughty come here to find someone for some casual fun, so you won’t have to have usual chats, like on other online dating platforms.

There are over 500,000 members from the USA, as well as 120,000 active members on a weekly basis. The number of members might seem a bit low, but it is constantly growing.

Furthermore, website owners claim that there are no fake profiles on Be Naughty at all, which can explain this low number of members.

Considering all members, there are more female than male members. To be more exact, the male-female percentage is 60-40.

Here, you can meet people over 18, who are ready to hook up. Most members are between the age of 25 and 34.

Registration is pretty simple. You simply have to provide your email, gender, age, and location, as well as add at least one photo to be used as your profile picture.

After that, you will get some match suggestions, so you can get on with it. When it comes to free features, you can send winks and add other members to your favorites.

There is also a chatroom, but sending messages to other members is only free for female members, so if you are a man, you will have to pay to chat with other women.

Every member can see other members’ profile pictures, but if you want to enlarge it, you cannot do it without a premium membership.

One disadvantage of Be Naughty is that profiles aren’t very detailed since you can skip most of the registration process, even though the identity is checked during the very same process.

To enhance your experience, Be Naughty is also available on mobile devices. However, it is only available to Android users, and you can download it here. Sadly, for now, it is not available on iOS devices.

The website and mobile version are completely the same, with the same features and options available to users. The only difference is that it is a bit easier to chat with other members via mobile phone.

To unlock messaging, and several additional features, such as checking location, see albums, unlock looking for dating info, and share photos and videos, you will have to pay for a Be Naughty membership.

Honorable Mentions of Dating Sites for Professionals

Honorable Mentions of Dating Sites for Professionals

There are a few sites that are just as good for professionals as the other sites that we previously mentioned they just slightly missed the mark.

The best free apps for people who use online dating also gives real-life exclusive dating and relationship advice on the best free dating service.

Check out our review of the following sites:

For added reference, you can check out our review of the best Paid online dating sites.

I hope you liked my article on Dating Sites for Busy Professionals!

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