PerfectMatch Review – Does it live up to the name?

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To thoroughly review this site, we’ll consider the following factors:

Ease of use, navigation, & design
Cost of premium membership
Features that are unique to the site
Quality of matches

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PerfectMatch Quick Info

Whereas other sites may come cheap, a one-month membership on PerfectMatch will cost you roughly $59.95, while a three-month membership will be $110.85 or $36.95 each month.

The best value for money comes with the six-month membership plan which is $199.96 or $33.33 per month.

PerfectMatch is built for serious people looking for love online.

Our research showed that the owners have invested so much in making sure that the site is free from scams and fake profiles.

The PerfectMatch story

What is PerfectMatch? is one of the fastest-growing dating sites online.

We can certainly see why it has slowly been gaining steam, as it has been featured on various media spots such as Dr. Phil, Dancing with the Stars on the Bonnie Hunt Show. caters to a wide cross-section of the U.S. population and has proven to be one of the best places to meet women online.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

This includes but is not limited to singles, divorced, widowed, gays (top gay dating sites), lesbians (best lesbian dating sites), or heterosexual individuals as long as they are single and looking for serious dating, long-term relationship, and marriage.

Essentially is perfect (pun intended) for any single individual who is looking for a partner who is serious about getting married.

The compatibility system was designed by dating and relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz based on 30 years of research.

The Duet Total Compatibility System, according to matches the “whole” you; this includes your lifestyle, personality, preferences, and values – the essential elements that create the most successful, lasting relationship.

Hope this PerfectMatch Review helps you find out if this online dating website(top dating sites article) is right for you!

We shall have a review of this site, but for starters, let’s look at how easy it is to navigate and use.


Ease of use – 5/5

Success rate – 4/5

Key Features – 4/5

Pricing – 3/5

Our likes & dislikes


  • They developed their compatibility system by taking ideas from the eHarmony system.
  • provides its members with dating advice and support.
  • Platinum membership will allow all members (both paid and free) to contact you.
  • They have a PerfectMatch Guarantee – this means that if you do not get a certain amount of matches (as a paid member for more than one month) then will extend your membership for free.
  • It is relatively easy to keep track of and communicate with your matches on the perfect match website and perfect match app.


  • Some members have complained about a lack of adequate matches in their geographical area (even in larger cities).
  • Their membership fees are on the higher end of the market for online dating.
  • Filling out the personality profile can be a lengthy process (generally this takes more than 15 minutes).
  • No instant messaging.
  • Does not cater to fast casual daters.

Site Navigation, Layout, and Design

One look at, and we realized a few things.

The first thing they got right is that the site has been beautifully designed, yet easily navigated because of its layout.

PerfectMatch did a great job of steering me into signing up for an account and making it dope before I got started on finding compatible singles.

There is nothing overly technical about using this dating site.

One thing we really liked about this site is its beauty does not detract from its primary purpose and functionality.

Scrolling down, we came across numerous articles geared towards providing dating advice, a singles category, and a section for information related to online dating.

Finding the perfect match should not be difficult, just make sure your personal information matches the kinds of personality types you are looking for.

To join the “I just met my perfect match” team, we advise you to fill up your profile information during the sign-up process, whether it’s on a free membership or premium membership plan.

A personality test would determine who sees your dating profile, such that it matches with the personality types that you would like.

Doing this has given potential users the impression of a more serious dating website which in turn encourages serious signups.

At a point you need to get the right conversation going to be in the game, you should flirt back and be bold to ask them out.

The video dating tool makes PerfectMatch one of the best online dating sites or dating apps in the world.


According to their website, is enjoyed by millions of its members.

Now before this review dives into any specifics let’s examine the basis for such claims.

Their website states that since 2003 they have entered into partnerships with several world-class brands such as Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, MSNBC, and iVillage.

We found that has successfully been able to integrate its brand into the entertainment industry as they have been featured in many TV shows and films including Dancing With the Stars, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, starring Kevin Jones, and the Lifetime Original Movie “Perfect Romance” to name a few.

Sadly, there is no accurate (or even close to accurate) report on the number of members and active members on

However, we can safely assume that with all the media attention that they have received; they most certainly have a large membership base.

To put this into perspective, on February 11, 2007, Dr. Phil’s Valentine’s Day special which featured PerfectMatch resulted in about 207,000 women joining the website that day.

The power of perfect media placement at work.

It therefore not hard to imagine that with all the media buzz about the site that their membership is not in the millions.

One downside about the site at this point is that you will need a lot of time (approximately 15-20 mins) to complete your profile satisfactorily.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to have set goals in place before deciding to use online dating services by noting things you shouldn’t put on your dating profile if you are a woman or a man.

Also, you should always endeavor to do your due diligence and find out the pros and cons of online dating and know all you can about avoiding stress while searching for a potential match online.

Success Rates

The success rate of any dating website is going to largely depend on the number of members that the site has.

Fortunately, has grown significantly and with its strategic media partnerships continues to experience sustainable growth. has successfully matched up to its fair share of couples that are either happily married or in a loving relationship.

They too (, feature the success stories that they receive on their website.

Unfortunately, we do not have any reliable source to put a number to this claim.

But with a simple compatibility search that presents quick test results, perfect matches are easy to find on this awesome online dating website.

How Much Does PerfectMatch Cost? like eHarmony is not exactly the cheapest dating service online, but just like eHarmony their system is pretty rock-solid and is undoubtedly geared towards that person who is serious about finding a lasting relationship.

You can register for a free account and have access to advanced search filters, but will not be able to message anyone.

However, premium members may register on the site using their credit cards or any other available payment method to access some special features.

A one-month membership costs about $59.95, whereas a three-month membership will be $110.85 or $36.95 each month.

The last and most advantageous membership package is the six-month membership plan.

However, coming in at $199.96 or $33.33 per month, it might not be the most trendy membership selection.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, this might take some time, so you may want to consider this 6-month membership plan and enjoy the slight advantage that comes with it.

Some of the added benefits are:

  • Priority listing in profile search results
  • The ability to have both free and paid members communicate with you and
  • Your profile will also be featured on the website

Unique features offers its members the standard features that most dating sites offer such as profile search, the ability to add additional photos, appearing higher in searches, the ability to communicate with other members, Ice Breakers, private mail, and more.

Once you are a paid subscriber for more than two months, you can take advantage of their PerfectMatch Guarantee – this means that if you do not get a certain amount of matches (as a paid member for more than one month), then will extend your membership for free.

Another feature that stands out is their Duet Compatibility System.

There are eight elements of the DCS, namely:

  • Personal Energy,
  • Outlook, 
  • Romantic Impulsivity,
  • Flexibility,
  • Emotionality,
  • Decision-Making Style,
  • Predictability, and
  • Self-Nurturing.

Believe it when we say this system saves you time as you will no longer need to endlessly search through profiles to find someone compatible with you.

This is because with the Duet Compatibility system members are guided towards creating more detailed information about themselves when they join

One thing we found incredibly useful was the ability to specify dealbreakers making the matchmaking process more personalized.

Further evaluations incorporate the Love and Money test, Core Values test, and the Lovestyle test.

The Duet Compatibility system shares some similarities with eHarmony’s system, but it is not as time-consuming to complete.

Being absorbed with FriendFinder, was able to procure its lead highlight—FriendFinder Magazine.


Onlineforlove studied and analyzed

Our approach was to register on the site, navigate through the various sections, and give a rating of 1 to 5 stars to each feature on the site to conclude.

Our evaluation was based on the following factors: price, ease-of-use, navigation and layout, website population, and overall user experience.

PerfectMatch Review Conclusion

My rating for PerfectMatch is:

PerfectMatch Review - Does it live up to the name? 2

The one thing that is continually doing is trying to avoid people who are only interested in casual dating as this is not what the site is about.

Therefore if you are only looking for casual dates, then you should check out DateHookup.

That being said, if you’re single seeking a serious long-term relationship or even marriage, then certainly go with

What’s great is that PerfectMatch also caters to gay and lesbian singles unlike their competitor eHarmony(our review).

The site is well established in the online dating marketplace and endorsed by some celebrities.

If you’re okay with spending a few extra dollars and willing to take the time needed to create a detailed profile, then go on over to the website and sign up today.

You should check out some of our comparison articles to see some epic battles like eharmony vs matchZoosk vs Pof, or Chemistry vs eHarmony!

We hope you all like our perfect match review!

Now get out there and start dating!

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