Does Plenty of Fish Work? (2023) – Or Should you Fish Elsewhere?


Does Plenty of fish work? By the end of this post, you will know who PoF is for and who it is not for. Let’s find out.

So you have finally to get into the dating game via online dating instead of the traditional methods of meeting singles that you are used to.

The trouble is that there are so many online dating sites to choose from that finding the one that is right for you is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; it just feels like mission impossible.

Now some of the things that people will do to determine if online dating will work for them or not is to: ask around to see if their friends, family or acquaintances have experimented with it before, search for reviews or take advantage of free trials or free substitutes.

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Having a profile set up on the social media paves way for internet dating as it is a great way for meeting people in the different age range to set up any type of relationship.

A fast one: Did you know you can find the perfect soulmate when your profile is on point!

Check out this splendid guide to know the hidden secrets of online dating profiles that will give you the results you want.

Since PoF is free, it does offer a personality test to prospect via the profile quality to able to get the right matches for users.

It is at this point that you will most likely come across Plenty of Fish (PoF) one of the largest free dating websites on the internet. Most people either know one person who has tried PoF or know of someone who has and therefore they can merely ask about the site.

The sheer number of free dating sites makes it easy to search results from the dating pool for potential dates and have an enjoyable dating experience.

The relationship chemistry predictor in some sites and apps serves as a psychological assessment in online dating services.

Is your dating app giving you the best chance for success? Make sure to take our online dating site/app quiz to find out. It’s a fact that people who follow our dating site suggestions have on average 2 extra dates per month.

Plenty of Fish Review in Video Form:

Plenty of Fish (POF) Review 2022  – 5 Important things to know
Does Plenty of Fish Work

Not surprising since PoF gets a lot of publicity from word of mouth. Now for those of you who don’t know anyone who has tried PoF but need the necessary information to answer the question: Does plenty of Fish work?

After reading this article, I highly suggest checking out the POF vs article as well is the eHarmony vs article. These are two other fantastic options to choose from.

Well, you have indeed found the right place as we will show you all you need to know. Here is a neat little video from the makers of POF.

Plenty of Fish Mindblowing Facts

Whereas Plenty of Fish (PoF) boasts 100 million registered users as of this year, it also has a presence in 20 countries. One of the app features is its availability in 9 languages, there is an average of 25 million conversations every day by 65,000 people that visit daily. All these for free.

The first thing that we need to focus on with respect to Plenty of Fish (POF) is that it is a free online dating site.

Why is this important? Simple, generally free sites attract just about everyone the good, the bad and the downright weird. Every type of individual is represented on PoF: single heterosexual men and women, gays, lesbians, Christian dating, Jewish people, black, white, Asians, educated and uneducated individuals, married people (yes we said it, married people), Sugar Daddy, scammers, and well unmentionable and questionable individuals.

We could sit here and tell you about all the wonderful people that you can meet on PoF and how PoF is made up of ponies and roses; however, it would be very unwise of us to not mention the true realities of the site and mention its dark side as well.

Attractive women on PoF dating platforms, with different body types, are easy to spot from the various profile pictures on display making it easy to find a date.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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Free means little to no barriers to entry. Sure it could be the very thing that you need, the answer to your desire to learn whether online dating can work for you, but it could be more than you bargained for.

In a free dating site, your profile set up up will determine who viewed your profile to make sure you are positioned as top prospects to meet the right person.

Kindly fill in the right dating profile you want members to see when creating a PoF profile on a new account.

Click here for some tips on how to be safe while engaging in online dating. We have rounded up some of the best free online dating sites here. While you are doing that, try to understand the dangers of online dating as well as educate yourself about the pros and cons of online dating.

With all this information, you can easily stay safe while finding love online.

Being a free member with a PoF account means that you can do everything that people on paid online dating sites can do. Free members can create profiles, search members’ profiles and contact other members.

Plenty of fish costs less compared to other popular dating sites with terms and conditions attached.

These things might sound simple; however, on many online dating sites, these simple services are not free. Now let’s be honest here PoF does have a paid membership option, this option doesn’t in any way, shape or form negatively affect your ability to use the site should you choose to not pay for their premium membership; instead it merely means that you get certain perks that free members will not get.

For instance, paid members do have a sweet feature that allows them to block advertisements, having the ability to see if your messages are read or deleted, view extended profiles and appear at the top of their “Meet Me” list.

Another thing that PoF toots are that they are immensely popular, with more dates, more members, and more relationships than other dating sites. The thing to note is that just about every other online dating site boasts about the same things that PoF boasts about, this is nothing new and isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

PoF dating app is one of the largest dating apps that offer free membership while elite singles can opt for the upgraded membership to become a paid member, therefore, having access to the premium services.

There is certainly one truth stated above, and that is PoF has a lot of members (well it is free after all). Regarding PoF setting up more dates or creating more relationships, well that is debatable and here’s why.

The vast majority of PoF members are not looking for long-term relationships, love, and romance; instead, they are looking for quick hookups, booty calls and a few dates here and there. We have also noticed that PoF members are generally interested in meeting and connecting with new people to form non-romantic relationships.

No wonder millions of college guys and babes throng to PoF for casual dates.

Depending on your interests PoF will either produce exceptional or disappointing results.

Beautiful women looking to meet people for a little evening of fun can create a profile on the dating app.

Certainly you need to know what you want from PoF to make a judgment call on its effectiveness for you; however, there is also one more critical piece of the puzzle – commitment.

If you want to find love and romance on PoF it can happen, as frustrating as the journey will be, you need to have a lot of patience and be committed to the process.

Essentially you need to understand that you will be spending a lot of time on the site searching through profiles, sending great first messages, tweaking your profile to make sure that at all times you are putting your best foot forward and of course communicating with potential matches to determine if they are worth your time.

With all these amazing features, it is no surprise that married men and women do visit PoF to find love by the side, just as divorced single ladies and gentlemen also do browse through PoF to reignite their passion once again.

is plenty of fish worth it

Take note that communicating effectively with your PoF matches is quite likely going to be the most important aspect of your experience and the key to success.

It is also going to be quite frustrating as you separate the frogs from the princes/princesses. It is in communicating that you will decipher the true intentions of a potential match.

Don’t be discouraged if after spending a few weeks communicating with someone you realize that it will not work or they have not been genuine as this is no different from dating offline, nor is this something new to online dating.

It is also best to find out during the communications phase than to find out once the relationship has progressed.

A fast and responsive customer service lends credence to a free online dating site.

Does Plenty of Fish Work?

My rating for this dating site is:

Does Plenty of Fish Work? ([year]) - Or Should you Fish Elsewhere? 4


While some people might be skeptical of the PoF dating site because it is completely free, real people still find a match that ends up being their soulmate on it.

Now many people have complained (and complained bitterly) that PoF is a complete waste of time filled with married people, scammers, and gold diggers who want to meet women; however, on the flip side, some people swear by the success that they and people that they know have found on the site.

For the most part, I do have to agree with the fact that free dating websites usually come along with a lot more fake profiles, scammers and people that are not interested in dating. On the other hand, paid websites such as eHarmony or match are for people that are much more serious about the dating scene.

Indeed, there are truly some rare gems on PoF; you have to invest the time that is needed to find them seriously. Answering the question of whether or not PoF works is not as clear-cut as you would want it to be.

We cannot say yes or no because it does different things for different people. For the people who want booty calls and quick hookups, you will be luckier than the ones who want a long-term relationship; however, those people can and do get lucky as well.

The questions that you want to ask yourself before you create your PoF account is what do you want to achieve by being on this website? Do you want to find “The One,” or do you want to make new friends and meet new people from a different world from yours?

Perhaps you merely want a series of quick hookups and booty calls. Are you okay with constant advertisements and are you cool with dealing with fake people till you find someone genuine?

You must have well-defined goals before setting up your account.

Once you can clearly define your needs and are prepared to stick it out, then PoF will certainly produce some positive results for you and if not it will certainly give you the training that you need to achieve success on a paid online dating site such as eHarmony or

It is also an inexpensive (free) way to jump into the online dating environment. I hope that answered your question: “Does Plenty of Fish Work”!

If you are looking for the right dating website for you, I suggest you check out some of my comparison articles such as eHarmony vs MatchZoosk vs PoFOkCupid vs PoF and Match vs PoF!

Learn more helpful tips using The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Women. You would never find a better guide elsewhere.

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7 thoughts on “Does Plenty of Fish Work? (2023) – Or Should you Fish Elsewhere?”

  1. I have gone on this site as a male and as a female just to keep track of the man I have dated for three years. He says he goes on the site because he has a lot of time on his hands as we live in different towns and many times we are not able to be together. He is a felon nine times over , has been abusive to me and others he has dated. Just check his criminal record. He has canceled dates after I have already traveled to his town but he is extremely manipulative and has gotten me to buy him big dollar items and I have paid for all the dates. As soon as I have cut off his supply of money and things, he hit POF. We even use my car and he changes my radio station, tells me to pick up things for him from the city saying he will pay me back and never does. He is a leech! Surprisingly or not, I am now in counseling due to this monster. Now every chance he gets he is doing this to another woman. He is quite a crafty individual to woo anyone into his apartment. And he gets them!
    I think there should be a way that we who have been abused by him and others (male and female alike) to be able to post how this man works or to get this kind off the site. He is worthless! Is there a way? Please tell me how I can do that and whether or not one can stay anonymous in doing so.

    • Hello Grace, I am extremely sorry to hear of the story. This man seems like an absolute monster and he should be caught. The only thing that I can say in regards to this is to report his profile to the dating websites that he is on. Tell your story just like you did here to the spam team at plenty of fish. Besides this, I really don’t know what you can do besides trying to use some sort of criminal background check before going on any other day from a person you meet online. I think that these background check services should be available to people who pay for online dating services, or even for the free services since they know they can significantly help its users stay safe with online dating. Once again, I’m sorry for your situation and I recommend reporting him as soon as you can!

    • My advice would be to leave him immediately. He’s not worth a nanosecond of your time. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. Relationships need to be built on trust, love, compromise and mutual respect. You can’t trust him due to his deplorable behaviour and by the sounds of it you have none of the rest of what makes a good relationship. Vile, cheating, abusive, manipulating scum like that don’t deserve any relationships at all. They only deserve to die completely alone, with nothing, while knowing that it was their own despicable actions that put them there.

  2. I met my boyfriend on POF. We have been together since Nov 2017. The trick is….go out on as many dates as possible. Once a guy reached out, I would read his profile and if it peaked my interest I would message back. Do not get stuck in the endless back-n-forth messaging! After a few days, if he hasn’t suggested meeting up in person, then you set it up. I did. Those who were only interested in games, made excuses not to meet IRL or disappeared. I deleted them. I went on dates with 13 men. Weeded out the ones who only wanted to f***. Weeded out the ones who weren’t what they portrayed on their profile, etc… it took me an entire year and 3 dating sites! Do not go on (I did) A waste of money! (Trust me!) Put those 40 bucks back in your wallet. Yes alot of creeps in POF and OKcupid. But it’s free!! Say yes to any guy who wants to take you out on a real date (for coffee, dinner, movies, etc). Just because he’s not “your type” should not be a reason to decline. Beggars can’t be choosers. (If you are online dating, you are desperate. I sure was! Not going to lie) plus, you never know, you both might share common interests…he might be super funny and sweet…etc. And don’t give up! I almost deleted my account. But I gave it one last go. I searched and picked 5 local guys who I thought were cute and sent them a message saying ” you are cute. Let’s go on a date” One of them blocked me immediately. Only 3 guys took the bait and they all were suspicious of me but curious enough to message back. Had set up a date with 2 of them. Went on the first date with Anthony and i liked him the moment i laid eyes on him. I was like “he’s it!” Afterwards, I messaged back that 2nd guy and cancelled our date. I did think about that 2nd guy I never met, maybe that I made a bad choice. I will never know. But I’m happy with my guy 🙂 And he literally lives 5 driving minutes away from me. So we see each other everyday. I’m in my mid 30s btw

    • Awesome story that you have about online dating. That is the spirit that most people need to get! Online dating absolutely works, you just have to have the right attitude and try hard enough to find the right person and eventually you will. I’m so glad that you met Anthony on plenty of fish. It is a great free dating website for sure. I don’t agree with you that is a bad dating website though. In fact it is the site that I have personally had the most success.

  3. I met my prince of a husband on PoF. His specs were outside my parameters, but apparently PoF’s algorhythms knew better than I did! TTwo weeks after posting an ad on PoF, I was at a local music event in the rear of the audience, staring at the back of this guy’s head, wishing he would turn around so I could see his face. Right then, PoF pinged my phone with a match and it was him!!! Though I wasn’t impressed with his profile (unflattering picture, outside my preferred age range) in person he ROCKED! He truly was/is ideal for me, despite being extremely selective and doubtful whether someone could live up to my requirements. We married 6 months later and have enjoyed a truly wonderful and magical life for more than 4 years now. I should add that I’d utilized online dating on and off for many years by the time I tried PoF but he was the first person on PoF I connected with and that’s all it took! We were 56 (me) and 66 (him) at the time. May you all find your hearts’ desire! <3 <3 <3

    • Hey Judi,

      That is an awesome story! I am glad that you found the love of your life on a online dating website such as POF. And it was completely free! The free websites can totally be worth it, you just have to avoid the fake profiles and scammers. But there are a lot of legit people on there and I’m glad you found the love of your life 🙂


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