The Rise and Fall of PokeDates: A Nostalgic Look at the Dating Platform That Once Captured Our Hearts

The Rise and Fall of PokeDates: A Nostalgic Look at the Dating Platform That Once Captured Our Hearts

PokeDates was a dating website created by project fix up. The main purpose was to bring together players at Pokemon go in real life. Unfortunately, the website no longer exists and shut down a few years ago. In this article, we will be talking about the rise and fall of PokeDates. When it started, and how it ended.

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The Birth of PokeDates:

PokeDates started in July 2016. It was following the huge influx of users from the new addicting game Pokemon Go. There were millions of people around the world running around trying to capture Pokemon. It was only a matter of time before somebody attempted to tap into that massive marketplace with a unique dating website. PokeDates was born.

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The creator of PokeDates saw a huge opportunity. They could combine the massive world of online dating with the huge Pokemon Go phenomenon. The idea was to have a massive dating website success. Preferably, enthusiasts of Pokemon Go could meet one another in real life and start dating based on the common interest that they have, catching imaginary Pokemon on their phones.

The Purpose of PokeDates:

The biggest aim of PokeDates was to connect Pokemon Go players. So that they could share their passion of capturing Pokemon characters and have this turn into a romantic relationship. This is where the website’s unique approach to connect people was born. And they called these “PokeDates”. Basically, when two Pokemon Go players meet up in the real world. It was a fun and Interactive idea.

As this is the definition of the opposite of traditional dating websites. PokeDates was able to remove the pressure of creating the Perfect online dating profile, sending tons of messages to potential partners, and rejection. Instead, they focused on having fun, and sharing interests in an atmosphere that was unique and common to each of the people on the site.

The Service’s Timeline:

PokeDates was launched in July 2016. Which happened to be just a couple of weeks after the release of Pokemon Go. The dating service had a great start with lots of sign-ups because people were very interested in the game. It was also a breath of fresh air compared to other traditional dating websites which were basically all the same.

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And because of this, PokeDates enjoyed a way of popularity with tens of thousands of users and sign-ups experiencing the Pokemon-themed dating service. It was seen as an Innovative approach to the dating scene and helped users build meaningful connections. But as the hype of Pokemon Go dwindled, so did the popularity of PokeDates.

The Closure of PokeDates:

During 2020 as the pandemic was starting to rage on, PokeDates officially shut down. The combination of the fading excitement for Pokemon Go as well as the impactful nature of COVID-19 meant the end of PokeDates.

This was due to intense social distancing measures that were put into place by the majority of the countries in the world. Also because people did not leave the house as much, a lot fewer people were actually playing Pokemon Go itself.


Although PokeDates is no longer available, it does remain an unforgettable part of online dating. More platforms need to take this unique approach to be able to connect people with true common interests just like PokeDates did. This should be a lesson to the online dating Community as a whole.

Despite the unfortunate end of PokeDates, it will for years to come Inspire other online dating companies to be innovative in the ways that they connect their users. People need to make a connection with one another based on common interests, not simply just the photos that they provide or the biography they create.

As human beings, we will continue to find different and new avenues for finding love and companionship. Especially in this digital age, we are really only limited by our imagination. I hope other Niche dating websites will do similar work that PokeDates was able to do. There were many successful relationships bonded by the Ingenuity of PokeDates that will not go forgotten.

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